LIGHTS ignites the TLA with an incredible performance

Lights has gone through a lot of changes both as an artists and as a individual person. Musically she re-released Siberia in an acoustic version as well as releasing a brand new LP this year titled “Little Machines,” with this tour being named after that album, being called the “Little Machines Tour.” Beyond her musical career Lights became a mother of her baby Rocket Bokan and it was during this time of pregnancy to childbirth that she was working on the this new album “Little Machines”. This allowed her to focus her strong points to release her strongest album yet and begin on her most successful tour to date with the “Little Machines Tour” with none other then her husband, Beau Bokan & her daughter, Rocket Bokan at her side throughout the entire tour.  

The “Little Machines Tour” made its way into Philadelphia, PA’s Theater Of The Living Arts on November 2nd, 2014. LIGHTS took to the stage promptly at 9pm, now lit up with a beautiful impressive lighting display, sitting right at her Keyboard to open up her set with her song “Muscle Memory” off of Little Machines.  The crowd went nuts, and regardless of how new the song is they seemed to know every single word. Lights gave the crowd all the energy she had, and feeding back off of theirs. Going into her irresistibly contagious fan-favorite “Toes” from her 2011 release Siberia. The Theater of Living Arts was packed to near capacity with hardly any room to move and the energy throughout the night only continued to rise. There was many of intimate moments throughout the night between LIGHTS and the crowd including at one point during her set she requested the crowd to yell songs they wanted her to play at her, where the entire crowd responded with songs from multiple of her albums. LIGHTS has a stage presence like no other I’ve ever seen before, she’s interactive, very playful, and in the moment. LIGHTS then joking with the crowd “Thank you for coming out to my show, the only thing that sucks is we are all missing The Walking Dead new episode *& that means a lot that you would miss The Walking Dead to come see me!” although the crowd didn’t seem to care they just wanted more music from the incredibly talented LIGHTS. Her setlist also included “How We Do It”, “My Boots”, “Siberia”, “Running With The Boys”, “The Last Thing On Your Mind”, “Portal”, “Drive My Soul”, and then illuminating the room with the sparkling lights of the disco ball as she sat down at her piano for a solo of “Saviour” where the crowd was so reactive to this song by singing it louder then her. Her set was filled with material old and new including other songs like “Speeding”, “Where The Fence Is Low”, “Banner”, “Timing Is Everything”, and “Same Sea” before exiting the stage as it faded to black. The crowd then chanting for one more song, before LIGHTS and her band reentered the stage to play not one but two more songs. The crowd screaming so loud you could probably hear them down the street from the venue as the beats and great melodies filled the room as “Up We Go” was ready to be performed. Lights ended her amazing set with “Oil and Water” where the crowd then gave lights a standing ovation for quite some time as they exited the stage. If there is Perfection and a flawless performance, This was definitely it. LIGHTS is a very very talented performer and vocalist/musician. She knows how to put on a show thats for sure. If you have the opportunity to catch her  on a tour date close to you you should go see her, if there isn’t one near you. The show is definitely worth every mile driven to see. Go pick up Little Machines in stores and on ITunes now. 

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