Les Techno Releases “Flowers for Dystopia”

Les Techno is a New York City based post-punk electronic rocker who always creates powerful, out of the box anthems. With his latest single, “Flowers For Dystopia,” he turned all of his emotions from being quarantined in his recording studio for the past 3 months into a song. One night in a dream, he imagined walking out on a stage in some East Village club, with a band playing the riff to what is now heard in “Flowers For Dystopia.” He didn’t wait at all to record the song either. Right after the dream, he got up in the middle of the night, ran down into his studio, and started recording!

With lyrics like, “I wanna reach out / I wanna feel your touch,” “The mask that hides all the cruel decision,” and “I’ll be strong / We’ll be strong together,” you’re in his mind, missing loved ones, while feeling like you’re living in a dystopia. “We have idiots running the country, we have a preventable epidemic flourishing while the planet spins on into climate chaos,” says Les Techno.

But why did he pick the title “Flowers for Dystopia”? You may be wondering this, because we know we sure did. “Flowers? It’s like you give flowers to someone who is sick, you hope they get better. Or you send flowers to the funeral. It’s kinda dark, yeah. Or maybe not,” he shares. “Maybe flowers will grow again when regular people take back control of the country and its culture.”

Listen to “Flowers for Dystopia” by tapping play on the video below:

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