Les Techno Releases “Edge of the World”

A lot of great musicians create music from personal life experiences or simply based on what’s going on the world, and that’s what Les Techno did. His latest single “Edge of the World,” came to mind when he saw the Amazon burning.

“Watching the Amazon burn, this song appeared out of nowhere, as an alarm in my head,” says Les Techno. “We are all at the party at the edge of the world. We party and the world hurls into climate oblivion.” It’s sad, but he’s right.

When the Amazon was burning, a bunch of celebs decided to use their big platforms on social media (such as Instagram) just to spread the word about what was happening to our planet. There wasn’t much news coverage going on till then, hence the lyrics, “You’re at the party at the edge of the world,” “The air comes heavy, from a chemical land,” and “Just keep movin’ on / Adapt to the new regime / Just pretend that nothing’s wrong.” The world’s lungs were literally burning, but barely anything was going on to help stop it. Talking about it might not seem important to some, but spreading the word can truly do wonders when the word gets to the right people.

Although this is a serious song, Les Techno still managed to put his 80’s punk and gothy retro sound to it. Similar to songs like “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, Les Techno made the song meaningful, but danceable. This song is surely one to turn heads and get people thinking, and that’s the power of music.

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