Launch Your Career in IT with CompTIA A+ Certification. How Can Exam Dumps Assist You?

Your dream for a successful career in the field of Information technology could just be a step away. All you need is a CompTIA certification attached to your resume and you could make it big in the field. From this…


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Posted on March 9, 2020

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Your dream for a successful career in the field of Information technology could just be a step away. All you need is a CompTIA certification attached to your resume and you could make it big in the field.

From this article, you’ll know more about how to launch a career in IT if it’s your dream and why to become CompTIA certified.

But, first, let’s find out, what CompTIA A Plus 220-1001 credentials are all about.

What Are CompTIACertifications?

CompTIA stands for Computer Training Industry Association a globally recognized company that offers vendor-neutral badges for specialists in various domains and with different skill sets. Such certifications indicate that the professionals are competent and skilled enough for the jobs they apply for, for example, in software or hardware services, in networking or security. Thus, if you are the one who wants to start a career in IT, check the core badges from CompTIA. This group includes such credentials as ITF+, A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications.

Being certified also indicates that the individual is competent in most core and advanced technologies – from data management and cloud security to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With the CompTIA certification, you become more competitive in the IT market, or if you are already working there, it’s easier for you to excel in your career and be promoted.

Main Facts About CompTIA A+ Certification

So, what is the A+ badge? If you are going to get any technical support role or work in end point management, A+ badge is what you need. It’s proof that you can work with hardware, as well as troubleshoot software, device and network issues. With this badge, you possess skills to complete tasks related to security, operating systems, virtualization and cloud computing, and mobile devices visit

Having A+ certification you can opt for such job positions as help desk tech, service desk analyst, end user computing technician, associate network engineer, desktop support administrator to mention a few.

Moreover, you can get a position in such companies as intel, RICOH, DELL, HP, Nissan among many.

And of course, being certified means that you’ll get a higher salary. Thus, with the A+ badge, you are eligible for the annual salary of about $60,000, according to the Payscale website.

CompTIA A+ Exams Overview

Now, you know that CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification that can give a perfect start to your career in the highly rewarding but vastly competitive field of IT. The candidates desiring to get A+ certification are required to pass two stages of exams:

  • Core 220-1001 also called as Core 1 stage
  • Core 220-1002 also called as Core 2 stage

The 1 st stage tests your basic knowledge whereas the second one assesses a little bit advanced command over the skills necessary to start a career in the field of IT. Here are the focus areas that the candidate should strengthen before undertaking the A+ certification exams.

  • Knowledge of connecting the hardware components
  • Windows Operating System Operations and Support
  • Software troubleshooting both computer and mobile networks
  • Knowledge of Networking and various networking protocols like WIFI, TCP, etc
  • Troubleshooting of hardware and network issues
  • Security and threat identification in devices
  • Installing and Configuring Operating Systems
  • Understanding of Operating Systems like Linux, Mac, etc.

Each exam stage has 90 questions that are required to be answered within 90 minutes. A candidate is required to score 675 marks to pass 220-1001 exam and 700 marks to pass 220-1002 test of the certification process. Each test will cost you $219.

The only requirement for candidates before opting for A+ exams is to have at least 1-year of practical experience in the lab or field. – Your Guide to Success in CompTIA A+ Exams

While the exam may appear difficult at 1 st glance, there is no need to panic. Right guidance and training with reliable exam dumps and useful material from IT experts will ensure that you sail through in both A+ exams. Exam dumps at are designed to give a cutting edge to your preparation.

Here is why PrepAway can make your preparation process for A+ exams effective.

  • Valid and updated exam dumps carefully designed with relevant questions so that you keep on evaluating your preparation continuously. Free files are shared by the recent exam-takers to ensure that you’ll get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam.
  • Premium files and training courses compiled by IT experts, cover the relevant content. Topic interlinking to make sure you get a holistic view of the whole preparation. This interlinking will make learning and memorizing the topics easier as well as prove helpful to easily recall the information when asked during the exam.
  • Moderately priced without compromising with the quality to ensure that any financial issue does not come in the way of you becoming the next big story in the field of IT. For A+ certification exams, you can purchase the Premium Bundle that includes 3 items for each test (a premium file, a training course, and a study guide) just for $69.98.
  • The latest tools and exam techniques ensure that you not only prepare with the best but also are able to conduct yourself calmly and confidently during the exam time. Open the ete files on the ETE Exam Simulator, will give you the feeling of taking the real exam. The exam-like atmosphere before the exam makes sure that you monitor your scores, identify your weak areas, make your preparation efficient and finally keep excelling with each practice test.


Thus, as you see, being CompTIA A+ certified brings you more benefits than you can imagine. What you should do before applying for the job position that suits you most in the company of your dream is to pass two tests (220-1001 and 220-1002). For that, enhance your preparation by using options offered by such a popular online platform as Using its exam dumps for A+ tests assist you in passing every test as smoothly as possible. Wish you success.


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