Knuckle Puck – EVERGREEN (Song Review)

Evergreen; This song, like the entire album itself, really reveals the maturity of vocalist Joe Taylor’s voice. His singing is sharper and much more melodic but doesn’t lose the rasp and gravely sound like his peers in The Story So Far and State Champs, which have recently blown-up by popular demand in the Pop-Punk genre. The song might not be as catchy as past hits of theirs, but it has its own dynamics with its cinematic opening and upbeat riffs as well as its outro sounding digital as it fades. And backing vocalist, Nick Casasanto, does the perfect amount of raspy shouts for the certain verses that need emphasized. The song holds what fans desire about their older music as well by keeping a few parts that sound like they’re singing in an echoing rm far away. The only criticism that can be placed on this particular song is the strength in the lyrical content. Endless comparisons to pine trees and evergreens isn’t the most witty metaphor that people can relate to. That being the only downfall, this song fits well with their summer sounding album approach. It definitely deserves 3 out of 5 stars.

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