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Kids with Cancer Remake Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus “Old Town Road”

The Ferrari Kid CEO, Manny Diotte releases their first music video, a remake of “OLD TOWN ROAD” using a Ferrari, whose emblem is a horse, to make this epic video. While “Old Town Road” has been the number one song on the radio, the music video starring kids with cancer and other illnesses is sure to break the internet with millions of views to bring awareness to this amazing charity.  Its CEO Manny makes a cameo appearance at the end, like Chris Rock in the original, and keeps it all about the kids.

It makes sense that a kids’ cancer charity that uses a Ferrari (horse) is a perfect match for the lyrics of this song and would do a remake of the original video paying respect to Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus by using a Ferrari.

The music video features 4 kids: Serenity BlueCaleb CarterTyra Diamond and Kailey Turner, all who are “Ferrari Kids” and part of the charity. Shortly after filming the video, Caleb, awaiting a double lung transplant, left to the hospital and is awaiting two new lungs. These kids suffer tremendously, and similar to Make-A-Wish, CEO Manny Diotte of The Ferrari Kid creates over-the-top, epic and unforgettable events for these kids in the midst of their storm, like this music video and taking them to treatment in a Ferrari.

The video can be seen on YouTube by searching “Old Town Road Ferrari Kids” or by watching below. These kids and the music will no doubt be received with a warm reception across the internet.  Manny plans on doing more of these videos since the feedback has been so amazing.  After all, what kid coping with cancer or illness doesn’t want to star in a music video.

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