Kenzie Wheeler Admits He Will Never Get Rid Of His Mullet: “I Can’t Ever Cut It… It’s Like My Trademark”

Kenzie Wheeler talked the origin of his mullet and admits that it’s here to stay during his first televised appearance since appearing on NBC’s The Voice.

The Florida native and standout finalist on The Voice sat down to chat with WFLA co-hosts Maggie Rodriguez and Danny New on Monday (July 26). During their discussion the 23-year-old country singer was asked about his trademark hairstyle.

“When I got back home, I haven’t gotten a haircut in awhile. So I went and got a haircut and trimmed it up a little bit and got it faded,” Wheeler explained. “Trimmed the back and all that, so, you got to keep up with it. I ain’t going to let it grow, grow, like really long. I keep it kind of how it is right now and that’s probably how it’s going to stay. I can’t ever cut it though, it’s like my trademark.”

Wheeler then shared that it was in-fact his dad who encouraged him to grow his mullet, “He had one a long time before me but he kind of puts his in a ponytail a lot. Sometimes I do that if I’m in the truck or whatever, if my hair blows around everywhere and all that it gets all tangled up. But a couple of my buddies have mullets too, so that’s kind of where it came from too, them and my dad and I was like ‘what the heck, i’m going to grow one’ and I had it as I went on to The Voice and it kind of went from there. It’s my thing now.”

Co-host New shared that the daytime talk show recently had KISS frontman Gene Simmons on the show, and they talked about how he was rumored to have insured his tongue, as his iconic tongue plays a big part in the KISS live concert. New then asked Wheeler if he has ever considered insuring his signature hairdo, the mullet. 

“I haven’t consider it but I’ll put it in the thoughts,” Wheeler replied to New while laughing.

Throughout his time on The Voice, Wheeler’s vocal talents wasn’t the only thing that made America fall in love with him, it was also his mullet, which received praised from country superstars and coaches of the popular singing competition show at the time, Blake Shelton and Kelsea Ballerini. He even pinky promised Ballerini that he would never cut it and it seems he is living up to his words.

“I love my mullet and I’m glad that I inspired a lot of people to start growing one,” Wheeler previously told Music Mayhem. “They are for sure making a comeback across the country.”

See the full interview with Wheeler below.

In addition to sitting down for his first televised interview since appearing on NBC’s The Voice, the singer also performed a new original song called “Got Her Goodbye On,” which you can watch below.

“She’s got the top dropped down / her heart wide open / Ray Bans on and her long hair blowing / chasing something, somewhere, taking the long way / she’s got the rearview ripped off / singing every word to ‘Take It Easy’ / feelin’ strong, getting gone, livin’ that song / And girl’s Got Her Goodbye On,” Wheeler sings in the chorus of the new original song, which puts his traditional country vocals on full display. 


Additionally, Wheeler will perform at the Dallas Bull on August 27 as part of a concert series presented by Bartow Ford Company. Tickets for the show are available now HERE.

“I’m super excited to be playing the Dallas Bull,” Wheeler admitted. “It’s something I’ve always dreamed about playing, you know, right here in my hometown in the Tampa Bay area. It’s going to be a killer show.”

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