Kellin Quinn And William Ryan Key Are Featured In A New Pop-Punk Children’s Song “The First Rock Star On Mars”

Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn, Yellowcard’s Ryan Key and Ballyhoo’s Howi Spangler are features on a new pop-punk children’s song entitled “The First Rock Star On Mars.”

The song is named after a new Children’s book written by James DiNanno and is featured on an audiobook version of the book of the same name, narrated by Quinn.

“This book is all about a young boys journey to following his dreams and eventually playing an amazing concert on the planet Mars and I love this book so much,” Quinn explained. “This book is great for kids but I think parents will get a real kick out of it too, it’ll be fun for you to read together, it’s all about following your dreams and that anything is possible. This book will bring out the inner rockstar in all of us.”

The author, DiNanno, of ‘The First Rock Band On Mars’ says that “Baby Shark” can get really annoying for parents and very fast, so he wanted to create a family friendly book and song that will be fun to hear and read for both the parents and their kids. The book and song encourages children to pursue their dreams even if they are far fetched like being the first rockstar to perform on Mars.

“The book is about a young boy who dreams of becoming the first rock star to perform on mars (hence the title.),” DiNanno explained. “His teacher gives him this generic list of professions to choose from that he wants to be when he grows up. But he doesn’t want any of those careers. The story then follows his journey into space.”

DiNanno chose to get Quinn involved early on and “originally” he just wanted him to narrate the audiobook and “didn’t even expect to hear back from him but he loved the idea.” The author continued to say that Quinn is a “rare breed. He is totally a rockstar in every sense of the word. But he is also a genuinely kind person; a great dad and role model for kids/parents.”

You can Buy the Book or Buy the Audiobook & Song.

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