Kane Brown is no stranger to success, with his now platinum selling single “What Ifs” featuring his longtime friend Lauren Alaina, making history with a Guinness World Record for being the first act to Top Five U.S. Country Charts simultaneously, and Brown creating even more success with his debut Self-Titled album which the multi-platinum entertainer’s album has since amassed the most weeks at #1 for any country album since its debut in December of 2016. Brown’s debut became the first country album to earn RIAA Platinum certification since its release. Notably, adding that Brown is the Country genre’s best-selling new artist of the past three years.

Brown has been conquering the charts with his singles, collaboration, debut album, and putting on an extraordinary performance each night of his headlining tour dates and really showcasing the best of the best while he supports Chris Young on the Losing Sleep Tour. Make sure you get out to CMA Fest this summer in June to see Kane Brown perform on the Nissan Stadium main stage on June 7th and then in July in Atlantic City, NJ on the beach as he is direct support for Sam Hunt’s beach concert. Read our exclusive interview with Brown below.

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You’ve been out with some headlining shows as well as touring on the Losing Sleep Tour with Chris Young. What have been some highlights the shows so far?

I guess, it is getting to hang out with everybody and seeing the progress with “Heaven” and seeing how it is doing and the interaction with the fans has been great.

You mentioned recently that your sophomore album is “something that’s not even close to anything in Nashville with an R&B feel” Could you tell us a bit more about what fans can expect from this new album and about How far along in the writing/recording process are you?

Yea, I basically feel like everybody, or at least one person will like a song off the new album. I got everything from this one super traditional country song that has like fiddles on it and everything. You wouldn’t even expect that it is me, it kind of has a Ronnie Milsap feel. All the way across the field to a song called “Weekend,” which is kind of like a chillin’ boat vibe song that you just hang out to. It’s kind of got that R&B feel, but Dan Huff is so good at bringing it and making it country. It is just all over the place but I love it.

How would you say your sophomore album differ from your debut album, do you have any release dates set yet?

It differs because I feel like my first album was just to get you to kind of know me, sort of like a biography. This one is just like just groovy, more show driven album, a way to get my live show amped up a little bit.

Your single “Heaven” and your Self-Titled album, Kane Brown, just went platinum earlier this month, not to mention your Self-Titled album has been sitting atop Billboard Charts at No. 1 for the 11th consecutive week. How does it feel to have such an incredible achievement with your music?

It feels amazing, because it is something I have always dreamed about and never thought that I was going to achieve. Now, It just kind of randomly hit me and a big thanks to all my fans because without them, I wouldn’t of got it in the first place and wouldn’t even be where I am today.

On the topic of achievements, you recently were recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first act to Top Five U.S. Country Charts Simultaneously. How does to feel to received such a high honor?

It feels cool, It was something that wasn’t planned. I think that is what made it the most exciting as it was just a big surprise. It is kind of like a really big surprise, it just feels so cool to get.

You were also just nominated for three Billboard Music Awards including Top Country Album with your Self-Titled debut album, and Top Country Song with your Lauren Alaina collaboration of “What Ifs,” and Top Country Artist. What are you most looking forward to about the Billboard Music Awards, and what went through your mind when you found out you were nominated?

It felt awesome because I feel like every nomination keeps going up and up, like for example last year, I had one nomination then this year I had two nominations and then this year is my first year getting nominated for Billboard Awards and it went up to three nominations. I just feel like I am getting more and more of a chance to win won. I’m looking forward to the awards to the most because I get to see all the different artists, as this is my first all genre awards show, that I get to goto. So thats real cool.

You were not only nominated at the 53rd ACM Awards for New Male Vocalist and Vocal Event of The year but you actually were the social media correspondents this year with Lauren Alaina. What was that experience like?

It was different but fun, I was excited that I got to do it. But, it was more for Lauren as she got that upper personality and likes to talk to everybody and me I am laid back in the shadows. So, for me to have to goto other artists show and try to like get them pumped up and create content to put on social media is kind of hard for me.

You and Lauren Alaina also performed your No. 1 single “What Ifs” at the ACM Awards, and the performance was incredible, with a great production. Back when you and Lauren Alaina were in middle school together, did you ever think that you two would be putting out a collab which went No. 1 and be performing it on the ACM’s? 

No, I thought I would be playing sports somewhere and I thought she would be singing. I don’t know but I feel like everything happens for a reason. For some reason something sparked in me to start doing music and when I wrote that song, she was the first person I thought about, so it was kind of meant to be.

You have an upcoming performance at the CMA Fest this summer on the Nissan Stadium main stage on June 7th, What are you most looking forward to about CMA Fest?

I am looking most forward to being in Nashville, *laughs* then having to travel. Also definitley looking forward to getting to play in Nissan Stadium as it will be my first time, I get to play my new single out there and “What Ifs” with Lauren as well. Also, to see other artists performances as well.

You performed on CMA Fest’s Riverfront stage last summer in Nashville, how does it feel to finally be on the main stage in Nissan Stadium and what was a highlight to last years performance?

Feels good, as it feels like I am finally getting established, people are actually starting to get to know my name. Just feels cool to feel accomplished a little bit and actually the most memorable thing last year was that it was really really hot. I remember almost melting on the stage during my set, and that was the first time I got to perform “What Ifs” with Lauren as well.

You are performing with Sam Hunt in Atlantic City, NJ on the beach as part of the AC Beach Summer Concert series. What are you most looking forward to about performing with Sam Hunt on the beach? Can fans expect to hear some new music at this show in July?

I am excited because I have been wanting to play with Sam for awhile now. It will also be my first time seeing him live and I feel like it will be cool because it is like two new school artist basically, I mean I know Sam’s been in it for a little while but I still feel like he is pretty new and just doing my own thing and just getting to play together.

What else is in store for you in 2018? 

Right now, just working on my album and working on refining my single, touring, we got some festivals and fun things like that.

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