Kane Brown & Granger Smith; Press Images
Kane Brown & Granger Smith; Press Images

Kane Brown Says Raelynn’s Mom & Granger Smith’s “Shredded” Body Motivated Him To Get Ripped

Kane Brown is getting ripped thanks to comments made by a fellow country singers mom!

In a recent interview with The Bobby Bones Show, the country superstar told Bobby Bones that comments made by Raelynn’s mom, Callie, and Granger Smith’s alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr’s “shredded” body motivated him to work out to get ripped for his wife.

The “One Mississippi” singer told Bones that his motivation to start working out stems down to a conversation he had with Raelynn, Raelynn’s mom and his wife Katelyn. As while on tour Raelynn’s mom was impressed by Smith’s body when he took off his shirt on stage during his concert, however, her mom admitted that when Brown took off his shirt she was not impressed.

“It’s not throwing her under the bus, but it was just a funny conversation, cause y’all know Granger Smith. When he comes out as Earl Dibbles Jr. and he takes his shirt off on stage, he’s shredded. So, it was the fourth of July and I was on my back porch with my wife [Katelyn] and Raelynn,” Brown explained.

The country singer continued, “And we’re all drinking, having a good time and we started talking about tour and I don’t know if you ever met Rae’s mom but she’s as redneck as can get and so she’s sitting there and she’s like ‘yeah, when Granger would come out and he took his shirt off my mom was like ‘oh lordy,” and then she was like and ‘then you would come out and lift your shirt up and I would just kind of laugh.’ And my wife kind of giggled and I was like ‘oh, no.’ I was like ‘just wait, imma get ripped for you.’ So, this whole year i’ve literally worked out 6 days a week with my security guard and I’ve just been doing it. And Gator, Gator’s been helping me out too, every time I go play basketball, he’s like ‘man, you’re getting bigger.’ I was like ‘Thanks.’ Motivation buddy.”

Following that conversation, Brown vowed to become the most “most shredded guy in country music” and began working out 6-days a week with his security guard. He started by 180lbs, worked his way to his current weight of 195lbs, however, he is not done yet as his goal is to get to 215lbs.  

“I started out at 180, and now I’m at like 195/198, trying to get to 215,” Brown added.

Brown admits that it is much easier to goto the gym when you have someone to do it with, which I am sure most of us can relate to.

“It’s a thing that I like to do now. I got my security guard that goes with me every day to and some of my best friends,” Brown told Bones of his workout partner. “So it’s just easy to go when you have people to go with you.”

When Bones asked the country hitmaker where he works out, he shared, “we goto Planet Fitness of all places, [but] I’m putting a gym in at the house.”

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