Debut EP, 'Medusa'

Kailee Morgue Stuns with Debut EP, ‘Medusa’ (Album Review)

Kailee Morgue (Kailee Moore) is a nineteen year old singer, songwriter, and Youtube video blogger. She released her first singles “June” and “Signs” back in mid 2016. Kailee’s charming voice makes a perfect fit for Republic Records, which picked up the singer in June of 2017. Morgue’s label mates include artists such as Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Julia Michaels, and Lorde. The new debut EP Medusa, produced by CJ Baron was released on January 19th, 2018. The new EP can best be described as a dark (yet quirky), indie, alternative, pop album. For the fans of Lorde, Lights, Gwen Stefani, and Melanie Martinez, this is the EP for you.

Medusa” went viral overnight after the singer shared a demo track on Twitter. The track was the perfect song to be released before Halloween. Fairy-like harps pleasantly paired with Kailee Morgue’s gentle voice set the alluring mood for the lead single. The tragic fairytale-inspired song gradually transforms into a bubbly pop melody. For such a grim story, the dark, yet dreamy instrumentals accompanied by Kailee’s gentle vocals, ad libs, and simple “ah ah ah’s” are executed very well. The song fades off with Kailee’s harmonies accompanied by celestial samples leaving listeners with imagery of that in an enchanted forest. The “you are my discovery” chorus in “Discovery” is so catchy and intriguing. Kailee sings about her emotions and attraction about someone she’d “follow”. The instrumentals pause as Kailee repeats the hook in a speaking voice, rather than singing. When the instrumentals proceed listeners can hear the celestial, alien-like and ghostly samples as heard in “Medusa”. Kailee’s high pitch voice blend fittingly well with the high sample effects. The third song on the EP, “Ghost of Mine” has a hypnotizing effect, almost dreamy like, which epitomizes Kailee’s aching pain. Whilst Kailee sings about being haunted by someone from her past and not being noticed, her powerful vocals are really showcased throughout the song. The name of the song couldn’t of have been picked better honestly to summarize Kailee’s craving for someone, despite them not being present. The repetitive beat and eerie vocals are as simple as it can get. The song is captivating and it is guaranteed the “ta, da, da, da, da, da” will be stuck in your head all day in spite of the simplicity and limited layers. Lastly, “Unfortunate Soul” takes a slightly different twist featuring gleeful acoustic melodies alongside percussion beats. Listeners can still hear the alien-like samples play throughout whilst Kaille sings about peoples’ (and her own) perceptions of her being an “unfortunate soul”. The young singer sings about the “highs and the lows” in regards to her transition from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California.

Kailee’s cute, spooky, and dark instrumentals contrast with her delicate, raspy, and soothing voice but are extraordinary and cohesive. Overall, Medusa has simple pop beats, sweet flawless vocals, a dreamy outer space mood, with a slightly dark edge that are excellently layered. The tracks are soothing and have the ability to keep listeners calm. Check out this up and coming singer! She has yet to perform live as Kailee Morgue, but hopefully we see her playing live shows soon.

Highlights on the album to listen to: “Discovery” and “Medusa”

Music Mayhem’s Rating: 5 out of 5  

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