Justin Timberlake spoke to the media in Minnesota today (Feb. 1st), and talked about his Super Bowl LII halftime performance on Sunday (Feb. 4th) and he was very charming with everyone in the room. Timberlake said that Tom Brady is on his “man crush” list and has officially shut down the possibility of an ‘NSYNC reunion at this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime performance, which a lot of fans are bummed about. However, Joey Fatone previously already told TMZ that he was not going to be at the Super Bowl making it clearly evident that an ‘NSYNC reunion was not in the works as he would have been at rehearsals for it, if that was the case.

Timberlake told the media that his focus this Sunday during his Super Bowl halftime performance is on his new band, and teased that he’ll be performing “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” in which he continued to say his goal is to get Al Michaels to “shake his booty” this Sunday and that he is “Excited to rock the stage.”

When asked about Special guests he didn’t seem to want to budge at that question, however we do not think Janet Jackson will be an option after the controversy in 2004 during the halftime show. We are assuming his performance will consist heavily of his new tunes including his singles “Filthy,” “Supplies,” and maybe a Chris Stapleton duet for their single “Say Something,” off of Timberlake’s new album Man Of The Woods coming out just a few days (Feb. 2nd) before his Superbowl LII performance on February 4th. So maybe he will throw in a blend of old tunes with his new tunes, we can only wait to find out by tuning in to the Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4th.


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