Justin Timberlake Impresses with New Single “Filthy” [Single Review]

Justin Timberlake’s single, “Filthy” premiered on January 5th accompanied by a music video featuring a Timberlake-controlled Artificial Intelligence robot. The song is the lead single on Justin Timberlake’s new studio album, “Man of the Woods” which makes its highly awaited debut on February 2nd.

The song begins with an invigorating buildup of drums whilst Justin makes his grand entrance, so to speak with a loud “Hey! If you know what’s good?”. The song develops into a funky tune. The robotic bass “womps”, lion roars, combined with heavy female breathing is the most irresistible thing listeners have ever heard. The electro-funk danceable beats paired with Justin’s smooth, sexy, and singable melodies coincide well together. The music makes a slight pause at the pre-chorus to make room for Justin’s signature “ohh, ohh”. Many have already made the connection between “Sexy Back” and “Filthy”. However, just like Justin says “it’s not the clean version”. The new single certainly brings in the new year with a new futuristic sound. The song finishes off with a bass drop revealing a soft mysterious voice in a jungle. The “Do you see me?”, “Can you find me?” voice has been speculated to be that of Jessica Biel’s.

Timberlake revealed his motivation behind the upcoming album, saying “This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family…”. The new single might be a little too risqué to be considered a “family song” but we’ll see what the album has to bring to listeners on February 2nd. Judging by the album cover, perhaps it will portray the progression of Justin’s life and/or career up until recently. For the fan’s of dubstep, R&B, pop, and electro-funk this is the song for you. The single gives off a great first impression for “Man of the Woods”. As if listeners didn’t already want more of Justin Timberlake, we want the entire album to be released already! Take Justin’s advice and “play it loud” (and I agree!) Seriously, if you know what’s good, listen to the song.

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