GRAMMY-Award nominated Republic Records’ artist, Julia Michaels brought her highly-anticipated debut headlining ‘Inner Monologue’ Tour into Philadelphia to the SOLD OUT Theatre Of The Living Arts for an evening that was unforgettable and indescribable.  Bringing her Inner Monologue EP’s to life with a mesmerizing performance full of anthemic songs, beauty, vibrant lights, a contagious energy and emotion-filled lyrics that celebrate her struggles and mental health that nearly everyone can relate to.

Michaels finding her start in the music industry as a songwriter, writing songs for pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and many more, while shaping her pop career in the process. Taking notes on which songs caught the spotlight quickly to craft her own signature sound, bringing vulnerability, honesty, humor and catchy choruses to the table which gave her, her first hit single and first GRAMMY-nomination with “Issues.” While continuing to write songs and collaborate with other artists Michaels has went on to release not one but two EP’s this year titled Inner Monologue Part 1 & Inner Monologue Part 2. 

Michaels’ has definitely proven that she is not only an amazing songwriter but also an incredible live performer that thoroughly enjoys what she is doing which shined brightly throughout her show as the smile didn’t leave her face through the duration of her hour and 15-minute performance that kept fans entertained and singing along to the anthemic songs that were apart of her 17-song setlist. The sing-a-longs began during the first song “Pink” once Michaels’ stepped onstage and continued through till her grande finale which was her encore of “What A Time” and “Issues.” I would mention a highlight of the show and a song that fans sung the loudest to but I couldn’t do that as the entire show was a force to be reckoned with that was just an overall blast to see and hear the crowd roar the lyrics back to Michaels’ as if these songs were out for tens of years.

We started the show with Nervous System since we never really got to tour that one for you guys, so we wanted to give you that one first. This year I got to release something else, something really special to me, Something about love and heartbreak and depression and anxiety and all of these things that I think about on a daily basis. I wanted to give you not just parts of me but every part of me and I’m going to do that now, This is my Inner Monologue… – Julia Michaels

The production onstage was beautiful, filled with gorgeous lit-up flowers, and a sign that read: Julia Michaels – Judgement Free Zone. Encouraged: Singing, Dancing, Jumping, Feeling, Laughing. It was great that Michaels’ gave fans an evening of a ‘Safe Space’ during her performance where they can be themselves, have fun, dance and sing-a-long to her relatable songs. We have to note that is one of Julia Michaels’ specialties, not only her great vocals and song writing abilities but her ability to talk about anxiety and depression and reassuring the crowd that they are not alone and that she is there for them and so is her music as she struggles with the same mental illnesses that we all do. 

Michaels engaging with the crowd throughout the evening as she pointed fans out showing her appreciation of their support from coming to a multitude of shows to wearing similar face makeup to singing with them when she joined the crowd to sing a few songs with them including the ending of “Happy,” Cee Lo Green’s “F-ck You,” “Apple” and “Falling For Boys.” She even brought some fans on stage to sing with her below slowing it down a bit to sing her anthem “Anxiety” and ending the main set with her smash hit single “Uh Huh” which seen the entire crowd going crazy and having the best time before returning for her 2-song encore of “What A Time” in which opener Rhys Lewis filled in for Niall Horan on the song live and then ending with her GRAMMY-nominated, chart-topping single “Issues.”

For all of Julia Michaels upcoming dates, CLICK HERE. We highly recommend that you get out and see one of her shows as it is more than just a concert but a unforgettable experience!

Check out some exclusive photos by @AWendowskiPhoto from the show below:

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