Jonny Craig Leaves Slaves Following Relapse, Matt McAndrew To Fill In on Tour

Jonny Craig has been fighting his demons for years as everyone who has been a supporter of Craig knows, and recently he relapsed. Craig took to social media to tell fans that he let himself “break and get back to a dark place,” continuing to tell fans that he “relapsed and used” and because of that he will be stepping down from his vocalist position in Slaves.

Craig apologized to fans, the band, and more in his statement letting fans know that he will be doing what is best for him and focusing on his sobriety. Read Craig’s full statement below:

Following Craig’s statement the band’s social media posted an update on the situation telling fans that they have “removed” Jonny Craig from the band following his relapse and being left in the airport whilst waiting to travel to their overseas tour dates, and he boarded a flight home. Due to the situation Craig left the band in without a vocalist and needing to quickly find a fill-in for their International tour with Escape The Fate, They are forced to cancel their Bristol, UK show tonight but will be continuing on without Craig on the tour with their good friend and former contestant of NBC’s The Voice (Season 7), Matt McAndrew, who will be filling in for the remainder England and European tour dates. The band also mentions exciting news on the future of Slaves which announcements will be coming soon.

Sending Jonny Craig well-wishes, a speedy recovery, hope that he gets back on his feet and even more hope that he is able to conquer his demons and get back out on the road soon and back to making some amazing music as he has an impeccable voice. Get out and see Slaves on the road with Escape The Fate all throughout January and February on ETF’s ‘This War Is Ours’ Tour! Tour dates below.

Slaves released their first album, Through Art We Are All Equals, in 2014 and have gone on to release two additional albums including 2015’s Routine Breathing and 2018’s Beautiful Death.

Tour Dates:

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