Jon Mullins’ New Single “Better Man” Serves As A Promise To His Wife Whitney

Jon Mullins, former The Voice finalist, debuted a new song entitled “Better Man” on Wednesday, September 9.

The song marks the singers first release in four years and is a very emotion-filled track that has a lot of meaning behind it. He wrote the song after his wife, Whitney, suffered a fall that resulted in her losing 60% of her speech, motor skills and leaves her suffering with panic attacks and anxiety.

“We can make this work I would do anything for you I didn’t know I was wrong Whatever I need to keep you,” sing Mullins.

The song serves as a promise to his wife that he will never give up on her and he will continue to learn how to be a better man for her and for their marriage.

“I will learn, To be a better man for you, I will learn, To be a better man for you,” sing Mullins in the chorus.

“Better Man was written out of a time of despair in my life—almost like a desperate love letter. Because of Whitney’s accident, we had to relearn how to communicate as partners,” Mullins explains. “I wrote the 1st and 2nd verse and chorus right away… but it took months to write the bridge and finish the song. I had to keep revisiting it because I wanted the truest story to be told of what was happening. This was my promise to her that no matter what, I was not giving up on our love.”

The track marks the first of many to come within the next year.

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