We caught up with the lovable John Cooper of Skillet to discuss his upcoming new side project band Fight The Fury at the Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival at BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ. Fight The Fury are gearing up to release their debut EP in the coming weeks and we couldn’t be more excited, but definitely not as excited as Cooper himself, who promises a “heavier and bit darker” side with the new music.

Fight The Fury soundtrack the eternal struggle towards strength with robust riffing, airtight ironclad grooves, and hard-hitting heavy metal hooks. Established in 2018 as a new outlet for the creativity of Skillet vocalist and bassist John Cooper, the project—rounded out by Skillet guitarist Seth Morrison, drummer Jared Ward, and guitarist John Panzer III—empower and energize listeners to keep fighting.

Heavy music provided the perfect vehicle to do so. For as much as writing for Fight The Fury granted Cooper an opportunity to flex a different muscle sonically, it also brought him full circle. A staunch fan of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, and Disturbed, the artist drew on a lifelong passion for all things heavy. Compiling ideas quietly since 2013, the frontman followed his muse, penning and recording songs on tour in locker rooms, backstage at venues, and on the bus around the globe. Accompanied by Seth during many of these impromptu sessions, he channeled a timeless feeling via live energy, thicker tones, and unfiltered aggression.

The first single “My Demons” hinges on pummeling guitar accented by pinch harmonics as Cooper’s scream gives way to an anthemic chant. It’s a perfect and powerful introduction to the vision at large. Fight The Fury speaks to Cooper’s versatility as a songwriter. Known worldwide for his work in Skillet, the group has sold 12 million albums to date, achieved numerous accolades, and garnered two GRAMMY Award nominations. Now, he’s got another outlet to further expand his growing legacy.

But, rest assured Pan-heads, Skillet is not going anywhere anytime soon, as their performance at Rock Allegiance was everything we could hope for in a rock show and more!  The band knows how to commandeer a stage and they held the audience captive from start to finish. We could have watched Skillet perform all night long!

Cooper told us that he will be taking Fight The Fury out on the road for a Russian tour this December and we are still awaiting any news of upcoming tour dates in the U.S. for the new band.

You can check out our full interview with John Cooper below:

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