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Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Explains Lyrics to Offset and Cardi B’s “Clout” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel breaks down the lyrics to Offset feat. Cardi B‘s song “Clout” for ‘Old People’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a hilarious explanation to the lyrics that fill the song.

Kimmel explains the segment in the new called ‘New Lyrics for Old People’ saying, “Offset is very popular, he’s a hip-hop artists and if you’re an older music fan, maybe you have some trouble understanding some of his lyrics, you know theres a lot of new lingo but fortunately I am here to breach the gap and help explain them.”

For example the lyrics rapped by Offset saying, “Straight out the streets to a penthouse, Miami beach (Yayo)” was explained by Kimmel to mean, “I came from humble beginnings but now I own a condominium in Florida, Yayo.”

The couple performed the single “Clout” later on in the show.

Watch the hilarious new segment below:

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