Jasmine Crowe; Photo Provided
Jasmine Crowe; Photo Provided

Jasmine Crowe Encourages To Keep Pushing Forward In Uplifting New Single And Music Video For “Baby Steps”

Singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jasmine Crowe is spreading positivity with the release of her brand new single “Baby Steps,” and its accompanying video premiering exclusively today, Friday (May 7), on Music Mayhem.

The upbeat track finds Crowe reminding listeners to keep pushing forward regardless of the setbacks that might come along the way. Even when life interruptions seem to try to take a toll on any progress already made, she tells others to stay determined and to tackle stumbling blocks with a positive “take it one day at a time” kind of attitude.

“Yeah I’m breaking into new ground / I’m a rock in my mind / One foot in front of the other / I’m gonna keep on trying,” Crowe sings, while backed by a dance-worthy beat and epic hand-claps. “Even if I feel fragile / Even if I fall / Gonna keep on pushing forward / Taking one day at a time.”

The accompanying clip, filmed at Pulse Recording and directed by Michael Raines, brings the true spirit of the song lyrics to life with emotional scenes showcasing various people working to overcome their personal day-to-day obstacles. A woman battling cancer, a patient learning how to walk again, a child learning how to ride a bike, and babies taking their very first steps, are just a few scenarios shown throughout the touching near five-minute clip. Live footage of Crowe singing the uplifting song lyrics in two different sparkly outfits is also shown throughout the music video.

Crowe, who partnered with the Different & Able organization ahead of the song release talked about the inspiration behind “Baby Steps” with Music Mayhem.

“‘Baby Steps’ was inspired by the true incredible story of a fan and friend and her journey overcoming the challenges and changes life can bring us,” Crowe said. “I wrote it as a reminder of support, that even if sometimes it can feel like we’re taking two steps forward and one step back, the important thing is to keep going and to never give up – even if that means along the way just being ok with where you are in the moment.”

“I’m so excited to be partnering this song with an amazing organization, Different & Able, [an organization that is] empowering people with physical, learning, speech, emotional and medical differences,” Crowe explained of her partnership with organization. “Different & Able celebrates every individualized success and provides unwavering support to all individuals, by educating our communities and informing and supporting those with disabilities. Through their innovative and accessible resources, advocacy, and the commitment to provide the best solutions for the obstacle filled landscape, that we all call life, Different & Able is here to make a difference for all of us.”

“Baby Steps” follows the 2019 release of Crowe’s “impactful and emotional debut album,” Symptoms, which climbed the Billboard dance & club charts that same year. Crowe is currently continuing to work on new music. Take a look at her video for the brand new song “Baby Steps” in the clip above.

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