Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Jameson Rodgers Reflects On “Things That Matter” In New Track

Jameson Rodgers delivers honest track “Things That Matter,” the first taste of new music from the country singer since his debut album, Bet You’re From A Small Town.

“Y’all have been digging this one for a while now so I thought it was about time we put it out!,” Rodgers said, before revealing the new tune’s release on Instagram, “‘Things That Matter’ will be out everywhere 9/30!!!”

Listen to “Things That Matter” here.

“I wrote this one with Lynn Hutton, Will Bundy, and Smith Ahnquist during the pandemic,” said Rodgers. “We were in a reflective headspace, really thinking about the perspective I think we all gained during that time. We just wrote about what’s important in our lives: Faith, family, and friends.”

The meaningful tune hits close to home for many listeners as Rodgers reflects on the things that are truly important in life, with lyrics “’Cause the things that mean the most, is wakin’ up with the woman I love / Talkin’ to the Man above / Sippin’ coffee from my favorite cup / Slowin’ down in the country / Going huntin’ with my old man / Huggin’ Momma while I still can,” and “I think I finally understand, life ain’t about money / I’m gonna spend a little more time chasin’ after things that matter, things that matter.”

The “Cold Beer Calling My Name” singer is currently working on the official video for his new track as he calls for fans to submit their personal photos and videos of things that matter in their lives for the chance to end up in the project.

“Wanted to feature the things that matter to y’all in the official video for ‘Things That Matter’!! Submit your photos and videos at the link in my bio 🤘🏻,” Jameson captioned an Instagram video.

Rodgers recently closed out his opening stint on Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour, where he performed for more than 100,000 fans. Last month (Sept. 15) Rodgers returned to the stage to share a full-circle moment with Luke Bryan during the opening night of Bryan’s Farm Tour at Spangler Farms.

The Platinum-certified singer joined Bryan during his headlining set to perform “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here,” a track that Rodgers co-wrote with Jake Mitchell and Josh Thompson, which unexpectedly ended up becoming the title track to Bryan’s seventh studio album, which was released in August of 2020.

One day after an unforgettable onstage moment with Bryan, Rodgers took to social media to share a clip of their duet and tell the story of how this particular full-circle moment was “the coolest.”

“A few years ago I was driving to a county fair show in Indiana. Passing thru a small town on the way, my bass player said ‘this is one of those towns you’re born in and die in.’ The next week I wrote a song called Born Here, Live Here, Die Here… @lukebryan then recorded this song. Last night I sang it with him for the first time in INDIANA. Full circle moments are the coolest,” Rodgers captioned the video.

The breakthrough artist is already teasing new music, getting fans excited for upcoming releases.

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