It Was A St. Patrick’s Day Gypsy Party With Gogol Bordello At Philly’s Franklin Music Hall

If there is any band that knows how to throw a party, it’s Gogol Bordello! They can best be described as a gypsy punk band, but true fans know that there is really no real way to describe the madness that is Gogol Bordello and they once again put on an absolutely phenomenal show on St. Patrick’s Day at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall (formerly The Electric Factory).

The music of Gogol Bordello is both riotous and fun and what we love so much about this band is that they cannot be boxed into any particular genre. The flawlessly blend together such a vast array of different styles and you never know just what you are in-store for with their live performance.

The stage is a flurry of activity with fiddles, accordions, searing guitars and pounding drum rhythms. Frontman Eugene Hutz whisks and whirls around the stage and completely commandeers the stage. Gogol Bordello gives you more than just a show, it is truly a spectacular musical experience. Each member of the band stands out in the own right and there is often times so much going on, on stage that you don’t even know where to focus, so it’s best to just sit back (or jump around) and take it all in!

The band is celebrating 20 years and their set was chock full of hits such as “Immigrant Punk”, “My Companjera”, “Alcohol”, “Trans-Continental Hustle” along with a few covers such as “I Can’t Find My Mind” from The Cramps, “Real Wild Child” from Iggy Pop, and “Heartbreak Hotel” from Elvis Presley.  The band full set list can be seen below:


Gogol Bordello put on one heck of a show and they are definitely not a band to miss when they come to town. They keep the party going all night long and we definitely found ourselves hungry for more!
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Check out our images from the show below:

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