Issues – Self Titled (Album Review)

Issues Self Titled Album ReviewISSUES is the self-titled album’, and first studio release from Georgia nu-metal meets R&B outfit, Issues. The album was released February 18, 2014 after being pushed back from its original release of late 2013 “…to get things just right.” The self-titled debut was released under Rise Records following the Nov 2012 release of their EP “Black Diamonds”. The sound on ISSUES is a bit of a change from their EP, with more of an R&B-ish influence, which can be heard through Ty “Scout” Acord’s use of synth and turntables. It could be described as, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, (instrumentally) a dash of P.O.D. and some of The White Tie Affair (vocally) thrown in there as well. It’s very unique, something not heard too much, but very refreshing. The clean vocals of Tyler Carter (formerly of Woe, is Me) and screams of Michael Bohn (also formerly of Woe, is Me) contrast and compliment each other perfectly; no two tracks sound the same each track gets better and better. There were two singles released, “Stingray Affliction” and “Never Lose Your Flaws” almost within two months of each other on November 19, 2013 and January 14, 2014 respectively. There are a few tracks that stand out, or stirred up the most comments on YouTube. Personality Cult which from my research is about Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire and their conflicting views. The chorus “Smooth talker and a heart breaker, but you are nothing but a cheap thinker. Buying them off for lower than you’re worth” explains it well, as well as the twitter post from the band themselves; “… with absolutely no beef only opinion, Personality Cult is about Matty Mullins or people who put their fame above others place or purpose in life. Still love you though MM.” I’m not going to get in to that, it’s between them and Matty and should be left at that. The second standout track is the last on the album Disappear (Remember When) which if you haven’t cried already today, you will. Again looking into the background of the song, Carter wrote this as a memorial for his best friend and love of his life Rachel who was killed by a drunk driver. The choir at the end really tied it all together and was just a really beautiful song; a wonderful song memorial for a girl who I’m sure was nothing short of amazing and wonderful as well. One of our personal favorites The final standout track would be Tears on the Runway Pt. 2 (feat Nylo). Part 1 is currently on the solo album of Tyler Carter which has not been released yet. I just like this song, that’s the reason it stands out. Nylo’s voice is beautiful as well and really brings the song together, and again adds to the fact no songs on this album sound the same.

Rating: 4/5- After impatiently waiting for the album to stream I can say I was very impressed. I listened to the entire album multiple times throughout my day and it was amazing every time. Most of the songs are extremely catchy and you’ll get the choruses stuck in your head (I’m looking at you Personality Cult and Stingray Affliction). And then of course Disappear (Remember When) almost had me in a sobbing heap on the floor of my office. I really love Scout’s work on this, it stands out the most next to Tyler Carter’s voice. If you don’t already have this album, you need it. It’s available at Best Buy, or for digital download and on vinyl.

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