ISSUES brought the Journeys Noise Tour to the TLA with an extraordinary show!

The Journeys Noise Tour “Thanks For The Invite” made its way into almost filled to capacity Theater Of The Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on November 5th Featuring ISSUES, I Killed The Prom Queen, GhostTown, Nightmares, & Marmozets. This is…


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Posted on November 4, 2014

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The Journeys Noise Tour “Thanks For The Invite” made its way into almost filled to capacity Theater Of The Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on November 5th Featuring ISSUES, I Killed The Prom Queen, GhostTown, Nightmares, & Marmozets. This is definitley a tour to see, each band is unique in their own way and put on flawless sets!  

The night started off with a fierce heavy set by Marmozets a Female fronted band from the UK.  By the end of the first song they are stunned by the sheer brilliance of the band: Becca Mcintyre’s voice is ridiculously mature for one so young. In a few years time it will be the voice of a generation. It is powerful, confident, even frightening in all the right places. Guitar riffs compliment rather than overpower and there is an energy and confidence from the band that is at times difficult to keep up with. You’d think, should you stumble upon them that they have been doing this for years.

Having never seen this Atlanta, Georgia group before while they were on tour with SLAVES, we knew to expect nothing but intense levels of energy, and a good performance from a band that is newer and deserved to be a bit higher up on the bill. This five piece band has a great heavy style that blends some rock into their metal. Pick up their new album Suspiria at their upcoming shows or head over to iTunes.

California electro rockers, Ghost Town hit the stage at about 8pm this night in Philadelphia. The crowd full of screams as the band entered the stage to go into their song “Trick or Treat”, with the feels of a mixture of Breathe Carolina and Get Scared. Ghost Town however had their own unique stage presence.  The electronic based group catered to the young generation of today while still contributing the hardcore style that made them perfect for this bill. Some might argue that their lyrics are mediocre but front man Kevin McCullough carries out all the notes perfectly. The bands recordings lack no energy and neither do their live performances. Even if their ‘punk/goth/grunge/’ style of rock and McCullough’s spiked creepers aren’t your cup of tea, the group puts on an amazing performance.

Top-notch Australian metalcore outfit, I Killed The Prom Queen, were up next. Who entered the stage to “To The Wolves” where the crowd went crazy as Jamie Hope (vocalist) entered the stage in his Philadelphia Flyer jersey, as he began to belt out the vocals. IKTPQ was definitley a fan anticipated band as the almost soldout TLA went wild for them. With a new vocalist in Jamie Hope, new drummer in Shane O’Brien, and new bass player in Benjamin Coyte, has actually done I Killed The Prom Queen the world of good. They sound fresh, energetic, and mature. Closing out their incredible set with “Say Goodbye” which just seemed to fitting for a way to end a set with a song with such a title. Their set was fun, and full of crowd surfing and moshpits. 

Next up is the most anticipated band of the night, ISSUES. ISSUES is a very talented 6-piece Metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia currently signed to Rise Records/Velocity Records. This being ISSUES first ever US Headlining tour I was expecting a bigger production then usual, Which they had a great production with a cool lighting system and everything. I’ve seen them multiple times throughout the years & This was the best I have ever seen them. The high energy levels and intensity that their set held was beyond incredible. They kept the crowd on their feet the entire night with an extraordinary set that began with “Sad Ghost” off their newest album, Self Titled (ISSUES). That song began the night on a great note with the incredible screams of Michael Bohn and the astonishing vocal range from Tyler Carter and the sick beats from DJ Scout, Bass from Sky Acord, guitar riffs from Aj Rebello & the intense drum beats from Josh Manuel, all of which were flawless throughout their entire set. Then Going into an older song but a fan favorite “King Of Amarillo” where the crowd went wild screaming the lyrics back at ISSUES, but that was throughout their entire set the crowd knew every word to every song older or new. Michael Bohn introducing “Stingray Affliction” to hype up the already super energized crowd, Not one person in the crowd stood still or quiet at all. Each and every audience member present was up on their feet screaming the lyrics back, something I love to see at shows but you dont see often. ISSUES however knows how to interact with their fans during their set and put on an incredible show, something you need to see. Tyler & Michael’s Vocals compliment each other along with the beats from the rest of the band complimenting their vocals which makes for an amazing sound which is ISSUES music. Playing  “Princeton Ave”, “Never Lose Your Flames”, “Love Sex Riot”, “Life Of A Nine”, “The Langdon House”, and then playing a song that they dont play live often “Late” which by the sound of the crowds roar they were super stoked to finally hear live. Spiderman even making a special appearance at this ISSUES show but that seems to be a tradition whenever ISSUES is in town Spiderman (Tristan Manzi) Always comes out to pay them a visit and help get the crowd going. Then playing “The Settlement”, “Her Monologue”, “Mad At Myself”, then “Disappear (Remember When)” where the crowd become like a choir singing each lyrics back to the band as the band all had huge smiles on their faces before they exited the stage and it faded to black as their set was over, the crowd then chanting for one more song. ISSUES then reentered the stage for not one but two more songs and not only two songs but two fan favorites. “Personality Cult” where Michael Bohn entered the crowd for a more personal sing along, where stay for quite some time during this song, although he interacted with the fans the most this night with taking fans cell phones and taking selfies or videos before returning their phones to them. Finishing out their set wth one of their biggest hits “Hooligans” where the crowd gave their all and sang their lungs out before the band exited the stage and the crowds oviation roared and rumbled the TLA showing their appreciation of how mind blowing their set was. 

Remaining Dates of The Journeys Noise Tour!  (CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS)

Sat/Nov-08-2014 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Hall

Sun/Nov-09-2014 Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall

Tue/Nov-11-2014 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues

Wed/Nov-12-2014 Nashville, TN Rocketown

Thu/Nov-13-2014 St Louis, MO The Ready Room

Fri/Nov-14-2014 Chicago, IL House Of Blues

Sat/Nov-15-2014 Burnsville, MN The Garage

Sun/Nov-16-2014 Des Moines, IA Woolys

Mon/Nov-17-2014 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater

Tue/Nov-18-2014 Denver, CO The Summit

Thu/Nov-20-2014 Salt Lake City, UT Murray Theater

Fri/Nov-21-2014 Boise, ID Knitting Factory

Sat/Nov-22-2014 Seattle, WA El Corazon

Sun/Nov-23-2014 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater

Tue/Nov-25-2014 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades

Wed/Nov-26-2014 Anaheim, CA House Of Blues

Fri/Nov-28-2014 Los Angeles, CA House Of Blues

Sat/Nov-29-2014 San Diego, CA House of Blues

Sun/Nov-30-2014 Phoenix, AZ Nile Theatre

Tue/Dec-02-2014 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

Wed/Dec-03-2014 Dallas, TX House Of Blues

Sun/Dec-07-2014 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit

Mon/Dec-08-2014 Houston, TX House Of Blues

Tue/Dec-09-2014 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues

Thu/Dec-11-2014 Tampa, FL State Theater

Fri/Dec-12-2014 Ft Lauderdale, FL Revolution Live

Sat/Dec-13-2014 Orlando, FL House Of Blues

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