Iris – Radiant (Album Review)

Radiant is the 5th studio album from Austin, Texas duo Reagan Jones and Andre Sega, better known as Iris. The album is due out October 24, 2014 via Dependant Records. Even though they formed in 1993 their newest installment sounds fresh out of the 80’s; like European club music 80’s with heavy synths and electronic sounds it certainly sounds like you’ve been thrown back in time. Now, just because you weren’t born when the band was formed (or in my case I was a wee little lass of only a year) doesn’t mean that you should write them off. Radiant is an extremely catchy album, the tracks are kind of otherworldly. To me the album runs together nicely and flows extremely well, one track to the next. The tempo stays just right for it’s entirety; upbeat but relaxing. This is definitely an album I’d listen too if I needed to mellow out and chill, or just get really high and listen to it, that could be fun too. Radiant tells a story according to Sega, it is “the story of a man who all of a sudden sees his world within a new environment and realizes how bright and radiant it can truly be if one looks upon it with different eyes.”

Rating: 4.5/5– Fantastic. Usually, I’m not down with electro/synth music, but this i could really dig and get into. Maybe because it does have more of an 80’s vibe and not the recycled, overused beats of today. Either way, it’s for sure worth a listen if you haven’t already.

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