Interview with Kyle Bihrle of Sirens & Sailors

MM-Q1: Tell us a bit about the band (Sirens & Sailors) and the names of the members in the band including your own part in the band. KB-Q1: Hello!  Kyle here!  I am the vocalist for Sirens & Sailors based…


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Posted on October 17, 2014

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MM-Q1: Tell us a bit about the band (Sirens & Sailors) and the names of the members in the band including your own part in the band.

KB-Q1: Hello!  Kyle here!  I am the vocalist for Sirens & Sailors based out of Rochester, NY.  We established our band as a side project to our previous bands in the year of 2005, and have been busting our ass non stop ever since.  Other members include Todd Golder (Vocals/Guitar), Steven Goupil (Vocals/Bass), Doug Court (Drums), and Jimm Lindsley (Guitar).

MM-Q2: Why did you choose the name Sirens & Sailors, What is the meaning behind the name?

KB-A2: At some point in nearly every persons life, they are lead to believe that something is what it isn’t.  The name Sirens & Sailors is derived from mythology, based off of the ultimate story of deception.  Sirens would lure sailors in with their angelic voices and scandalous beauty, but turned out to be disgusting, evil creatures, who would lead the sailors to their ultimate demise.

MM-Q3: You recently posted a photo on Facebook announcing the Filming of a music video, What song were you filming a video for & when can we expects it release?

KB-A3: Yes, we recently shot a brand new music video, and we are extremely excited to see how it turns out.  The video will be for our song, “The Chosen One” off of our full length album “Skeletons” that we released in October of 2013.  Currently, we are unsure of the exact date that the video will be released, however it will more than likely be within the next 2 months or so.

MM-Q4: Its been 1 year since the release of your album “Skeletons”, which was an awesome album. Can we expect any new music coming from Sirens & Sailors soon, if so when?

KB-A4: It hasn’t been a year just yet, Skeletons will be a year old at the end of October 2014.  Regardless, yes, we are currently working on new material in preparation for our next album.  It is likely we will be recording it at the end of this year.

MM-Q5: Out of the 12 songs on the album “Skeletons” what is the most meaningful to you & whats the meaning behind it?

KB-A5: I really couldn’t choose just one song to be the most meaningful, they all mean something to me in different ways.  For the hell of it though, I will pick The Chosen One.  I have to say that this track was a favorite of mine for quite sometime.  It is uplifting, and it makes you feel as if anything is possible.  Lyrically, I wrote the song as an inspiration to myself and to anyone who can relate to it.  It is about not giving up on yourself and your goals.  To believe that anything is possible no matter what obstacle you meet.

MM-Q6: When writing the lyrics for your album “Skeletons” What inspired the lyrics behind this album?

KB-A6: Multiple things inspire me to write lyrics.  Sometimes people piss me off, so I write a song about it.  Other times I want to inspire and motivate people.  The beauty of “Skeletons” is that no song is the same.  Every track has a different feeling and story behind it.  I definitely encourage people to listen from track 1 until the end, the album flows very nicely in my opinion.

MM-Q7: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a band & how did you overcome it?

KB-A7: We are constantly facing new challenges as a band, and we will continue to face new challenges for the rest of our career.  Touring year round is extremely challenging, but fulfilling at the same time.  The road can be unforgiving, but that is half of the adventure.  Some of your worst experiences turn into your greatest memories.  We do our best not to dwell on the negatives, and find ways to always look on the bright side of things.  We started playing music because we love to do it.  There will always be bumps in the road along the way.

MM-Q8: Before getting signed to Razor & Tie / Artery Recordings, you were a DIY band releasing your own music & booking your own shows. How hard was that & do you like it better with or without a label & why?

KB-A8: We booked our own shows, and even some tours on our own for years.  I feel like every band should have to go through that process, it makes you appreciate things more.  Of course it wasn’t always easy to be a band just starting out, fighting to get shows out of town to get your name out there, but it was worth every ounce of effort we put into it.  Having amazing labels such as Artery Recordings and Razor & Tie behind us doesn’t mean we get everything handed to us.  To be honest, not entirely too much has changed.  We still bust our asses just as much as we did when we first started out.  The hard work will never end, and we know that.

MM-Q9: We recently watched your set at Skate & Surf Festival, your set is a VERY high energy set & gets the fans going crazy. How does it feel to know that you have all those fans supporting you in the crowd?

KB-A9: Skate & Surf was an amazing experience for us.  We truly did not know what to expect.  No one is guaranteed a crowd, but thankfully we had an amazing crowd for our set who sang along with us, and expressed themselves with passion.  We put 100% into every show we play, no matter how many people are there, and when a crowd returns that energy to us, there is no feeling greater than that.

MM-Q10: What genre would you consider Sirens & Sailors & why did you choose to create music within this genre?

KB-A10: We typically try not to categorize ourselves or any of the bands that we listen to.  Most people will refer to us as a metal, or metal-core band, and that is fine.  To each his own.  We play the music that best expresses us, nothing is off limits.  Playing music of this genre is what feels right to us.

MM-Q11: Who has been the most influential person for you during your musical career this far?

KB-A11: I will answer this question personally, because I most definitely can’t answer for everyone else.  I am influenced by so many things.  Life in general is just a huge influence to me.  I grew up with music always being around me.  Whether I was sitting in my parents cars listening to their favorite bands, going to my Uncle’s drum corp shows, or discovering the bands I enjoyed most on my own, music has always been there.

MM-Q12: Any new tours in the works? could you tell us with whom if yes?

KB-A12: It will be just a matter of days before we announce our next tour.  The entire remainder of this year is booked for us, and we could not be more excited about it.  Unfortunately, we can not announce these tours just yet, but in good time!

MM-Q13: What goes through your mind when a fan comes to you & tells you that your music has saved their life, do you think music could really save lives?

KB-A13: When someone says, “your music saved my life”, to us, it is something we do not take lightly.  That is a heavy and meaningful statement.  If our music can mean that much to someone, then that is for them to determine.  Music influences people, it moves people.  It can be a voice of encouragement to those that need it.  If we can somehow effect your life to help you get through another day, then by all means keep listening.

MM-Q14: HOPE has a VERY big message & inspiration within the Music community today, What does HOPE mean to you & how does your band help promote/support HOPE?

KB-A14: The only person that determines your future is yourself.  We have been reaching towards our goals for years, and accomplishing them one by one.  If our band promotes hope in any way, it would be through our persistence and determination to keep moving forward.  Never give up on your dreams, they are what will make you feel most whole.

MM-Q15: Anything you have to say to your current fans & Why should people check out Sirens & Sailors if they haven’t already?

KB-A15: Thank you all so much for every little thing that you do to support us.  Nothing goes unnoticed, and we are extremely grateful for everything that you do.  If you don’t know much about us, or about our music, take just a moment of your time to check us out, we may just surprise you!  Thank you everyone!

Sirens & Sailors

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