Talk about being a true Renaissance woman! Singer, dancer, actress and social media influencer Jordyn Jones can truly do it all, and flawlessly at that! Jones has just released her latest self-titled EP and it consists of some of her most personal music to date. The EP covers an entire range of emotions ranging from heartbreak to finding the inner strength to dust yourself off and start again. It speaks to the listener and Jones has found a way to perfectly relate to her audience with the seven tracks she has put together to create this album. It is pop at its’ best and we can certainly see an incredibly bright future for Jordyn Jones who is well on her way to pop superstardom.

She burst onto the scene as a dancer in “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”, which landed her performances at the MTV Video Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, and Dancing with the Stars. Jordyn’s social media following catapulted to millions of followers as a result, not only prompting deals with reputable brands such as Revlon, Sprint, Maybelline NY, Warner Bros Studios, Prada, MiuMiu, Guess, Mudd Jeans, Brandy Melville, and Skechers, but also gave exposure to her infectious personality, making her a voice of a generation. Jordyn’s overall social reach now exceeds 12M followers, 5.5 million of which make up her Instagram alone.

Jordyn recently announced a string of fall club dates with support from budding musicians Dana Vaughns and Maxso. Titled ‘Eyes On Me’ tour, the coast to coast trek will kick off November 10th in Dallas, with additional stops in Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Diego. For complete ticket purchase information on all dates, visit .

We had a chance to catch up with Jordyn Jones to discuss the creative process behind her new EP, her upcoming club tour, as well as, what will be in-store for the singer into next year.

Q: How happy are you with the feedback that the new EP has been receiving?

JORDYN JONES: It’s been two years in the making and now that it’s finally out I feel like I can enjoy it now. Whenever you are making a project it’s the best thing ever but also stressful because you don’t know if people are going to like it because you put some much time, money and effort into a project and when it’s finally out you can finally enjoy it. When people are giving you such positive feedback it’s all that matters.

Q: Can you take me inside the recording process for the EP and let us know what the mindset was in the studio when you were putting it all together? 

JJ: I was in a very dark place when I started doing my EP … it was through a break-up, it was heartbreak, it was me being the most confident person in the world, to the happiest person throughout the whole year of writing and recording the EP. It was a whole process for me putting together the EP and writing the songs was what helped me get through all of that, but my process, I actually made a video on Instagram about “CoverUp” and how I wrote and recorded that and I worked with Damon Sharpe and Jimmy Bruni and a couple of other amazing people on that song and what was crazy about that song is that it was the first one we ever started to do in July of 2018, I believe. That song was like a therapy session for me. They kept asking me questions and they took every word that I said and remembered it and wrote it down and that’s how we made the song. We weren’t even really trying to write a song, we were just talking about what I had been going through and they were just helping me because they are like my dad’s really because I spent so much time with them and I trust them with all of my thoughts.

Q: In what ways in the art of making music therapeutic for you? We did find the EP to be very personal. 

JJ: Writing songs has helped me so much, even just finding myself. I know it sounds really weird, but when you are writing songs and talking about your problems to other people it just helps you and the fact that I started with a heartbreak song and we thought the whole entire project was going to be about heartbreak, I didn’t know I was going to find another person and I didn’t know I was going to become in a relationship. You have no idea what’s happening next for you, so I had no idea the EP was going to go that way because I had no idea my life was going to go that way. Once things started happening for me I got to talk it out and really realize things and sit down and write about all that was going on.

Q: Does it ever surprise you about which songs fans gravitate towards? Did you have a feeling about one or two in particular? 

JJ: Well, kind of! I really liked “More” and it’s streaming the best so far other than “Leave” because “Leave” had Borgeous and it’s been out for so long that song is doing really well. All of my friends and family really like “Body Up”  and they were all like, ‘It’s going to be your best’ and ‘It’s going to be the most streams, people are going to love that one’ and right now people are loving “More”, but I’m also super excited to play “Body Up” on-stage because it’s my favorite choreography that we have, so then maybe people will start to love that song as well. I’m the type of person who really likes visuals, so sometimes I may not like a song but when a music video comes out or I see it live on stage I completely change my mind and I’m like ‘Wow, that song really stands out from the rest of them’ so that is how “Body Up” is for me.

Q: You are currently gearing up for the “Eyes On Me” tour. Are there any cities you are looking forward to visiting? What can we expect from the live shows?

JJ: I’m really excited to go to Boston because it’s one of my favorite cities and they have my favorite restaurant in the world there, so I’m super excited to perform there and I always love going to New York and Texas, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to Philly so that’s going to be an exciting one as well. I’m also excited because it’s going to be cold.

Q: Getting your start with dancing and now moving on to create music, how do you feel that you have grown and continue to grow as an artist?

JJ: It’s all about time and spending time doing it. I grew up dancing from 3 to 9 every day, it’s like if I was never putting in the extra time or staying up late to freestyle or going to several different dance competitions, it’s like the same thing, when you put your time into singing then you will really start to be learning and advancing because everyone else is doing the normal hours, or ‘Oh, I’m going to go to the studio for two hours’ but if you are in the studio for longer than everyone else, your in rehearsals longer than everyone else then you will start to get better and really start to stand out.

Q: What does 2020 hold in store for you? Will we be seeing any more new music? 

JJ: Of course, I have two songs … one that is recorded and one that we are waiting to cut, so I’m going to record it when I get back from tour, so those songs are definitely going to be coming out. I really just want my EP to simmer for the rest of this year and of course with this tour going on I can’t really be in the studio too much and recording too much, but I’m definitely going to be writing while I’m on tour and obviously learning and meeting fans is what inspires me the most too, so I already know I’m going to be in such a good place and so happy on tour that it’s just going to make me want to make more music and just gear myself up for 2020.

Q: Do you see yourself doing more touring in 2020 as well? 

JJ: Yes, that is the goal especially because I’m only doing seven cities right now, so I definitely want to get overseas and I definitely want to get to the rest of the U.S. and I just want to go everywhere obviously!

Q: Any comments to fans? What’s the best way for us to stay up-to-date?

JJ: Of course! Stay up-to-date on my Instagram @JordynJones and you guys can get your tickets to come to see me on tour!

EYES ON ME Tour Dates:

November 10- Dallas, TX- RBC Deep Ellum

November 11- Houston, TX- Secret Bar

November 16- Boston, MA- Middle East Upstairs

November 17- Philadelphia, PA- Voltage Lounge

November 18- Amityville, New York- Amityville Music Hall

November 21- Los Angeles, CA- The Mint

November 24- San Diego, CA- House of Blues


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