Interview with Chris Taylor Brown of TRAPT

Interview with Chris Taylor Brown Vocalist of TRAPT  Interviewer: Andrew Wendowski – July 1st 2014 Hello, Im here today to chat with Chris the vocalist of TRAPT. How are you today, Could you give us a small background on yourself…


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Posted on July 1, 2014

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Interview with Chris Taylor Brown Vocalist of TRAPT 

Interviewer: Andrew Wendowski – July 1st 2014

Hello, Im here today to chat with Chris the vocalist of TRAPT. How are you today, Could you give us a small background on yourself & TRAPT?

I sing for TRAPT, we started playing as a band junior year of High School, had  a couple independent releases, while finishing high school and starting college. Then we dropped out to move to LA and pursue music full time and within a year we were making our first full length album. 

How did TRAPT come about as a band & what made you choose the name TRAPT is there any significant meaning behind the name?

It was the feeling I had growing up, I was always someone who wanted to try everything and when you aren’t of age, (or sometimes any age) that can get you into trouble, ha. I think nowadays, it has a lot more meaning to it, there are so many things we deny even ourselves out of fear. 

Any idea of the title of this new album? What can we expect from this new album? could you give us a sneak peak with a line of your FAVORITE lyric off this album so far?

The new album will be called “DNA” and will have all the classic elements that is trapt plus a more organic ambient wall of sound kind of tone at times and very groove oriented melodic guitar work at others. One song we are working on “Anchored to The Sky” has that feel. My favorite lyric in the song is: “Anchored to the sky, Up high above the noise I rise, Anchored to the sky, Up high above a world confined!”

Lets start off by talking about new music? Your latest album was release back in December of 2013 Titled “Reborn”, Is there any new music in the works for TRAPT?

It was initially released January 2013. We are currently running a huge pre order for our new album titled “DNA” with Indie Gogo, where our fans can literally hear the music we are making as we make it. It’s all part of the pre order experiences we are offering our fans. Fans will have access to “The Listening Room” and hear individual guitar, bass, drum and other music making instruments, along with lyrics, vocals, different mixes of songs, etc. There will also be a package that includes the new album “DNA” and our first ever acoustic album “The Acoustic Collection” along with awesome tour and merch perks of course! Here is the link to the campaign. There’s a bunch that is going on that we’ve never done before, so we’re really excited about it. 

What inspired your lyrics, when writing new music for this new album? 

Well the inspiration is ongoing, I’m always writing lyrics and life experience is where I draw most of it. I like my lyrics to be about real things that have happened, so I keep on the lookout for inspiration as much as I can. 

What is the recording, Producing, & writing process like when creating a new album? & what stage is this new album at in that process?

The first stage for writing a new album is experimenting as much as possible and picking out the best of what you come up with. That is the inspiration well that you start with, from there, ideas get picked apart and put back together again. Once a song is structured, lyrics come from the feel of the music. So once I have a full song to work with, I just keep listening until something comes to me or I remember a good lyric idea that would fit that particular song. 

Speaking of the inspiration & meaning behind lyrics, There is one song we would really like to know the meaning of that we have been hearing since 2003, that we would say is a TRAPT classic & faN favorite “HeadStrong”. What is the meaning to the lyrics behind this amazing song?

Stand for what you believe in and don’t compromise.

You’ve recently announced a new tour titled the “Self Titled Tour”, Which we are hearing is going to have a setlist with some fan favorites & your self titled album “TRAPT” which was released back in 2002. What else could we expect from this tour, we hear there are ALOT of surprised in store for the fans?

That’s all correct, we are doing this tour in conjunction with our Pre-Order campaign, so a lot of the perks we have for fans involve this tour. Fans can get up on stage with us at soundcheck and jam or get their own private acoustic show on our bus. We really wanted to make the “DNA” campaign as special as we could, for our fans this time around. 

Trapt is coming up on their 17th anniversary as a band this August as TRAPT formed back in August of 1997. Wow, Thats a long time.

17th anniversary! Yeah, it’s been a long ride and we all hope to continue for a long time to come. 

I am sure there has been many of ups and downs with the band with exiting members, & downfalls and ups for each member. How do you(Chris) & Pete overcome the problems/downfalls that you encounter during your 23 years in TRAPT? (I ask Chris & Pete being that they are the only 2 members that been there since day 1)

Things happen in phases and for a reason, at this point, we want the best sound possible for the people who come to listen to what we do. For the last couple years, things have been real good, people grow and sometimes grow apart. You can’t help that, but one thing that will always stay constant is the sound that trapt has. It’s just something that works when the pieces fit and right now they fit better than ever. 

Back on May 29th 2014, TRAPT posted a Facebook status saying “Who’s ready for some acoustic Trapt? Details coming soon…” What could we expect acoustically from Trapt?

Our first ever acoustic album “The Acoustic Collections” is done and will come out in a couple months. The songs sound so good acoustic, we are blown away with the acoustic representation of some of our best songs. Full studio versions with all instruments all unplugged. Sounds big yet smooth, everything I want to hear in an acoustic recording. The track listing will be posted on our Facebook page very soon. 

We also seen a Facebook post stating “We Want YOU to be a part the making of our next album! Who’s ready for the next chapter of TRAPT?! Big news coming soon!” What could we expect from the next chapter of TRAPT?

We will have a page on our site called “The Listening Room” where our Indie Gogo “trapt backers” can help us decide what pieces of music they like, or what version of a song or mix they like better. We’re really going to involve our fans in making this new album. Here is the link to be a part of it!

How does it feel when a fan comes up to you at a concert & says that your music has saved their lives? Do you believe music could really save someones life?

It feels amazing to think that something you poured your heart and soul into touched someone else’s. I truly do think music can help a person get through most anything, I know it has done this for me. 

Anything you have to say to your current or soon to be fans?

You are all amazingly awesome people and we look forward to you being a part of our new music, as well as seeing you on tour! 

 Get your tour VIP package and pre order new album “DNA” and our new acoustic album (full band acoustic versions of all your favorite trapt songs) at this link!

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