Interview with Ben Bruce of KBB Records

Interview with Benjamin Bruce of KBB Records/Asking Alexandria

Interviewer: Andrew Wendowski – July 1st 2014

You & Kyle Borman recently started up your own record label called KBB Records back in March 2014, Which we hear started as a small recording. Could you tell us how KBB Records came about to be & what made you choose the name KBB?

Me and Kyle have been working together in the music industry for many years now and have learned a lot about the ins and outs of how everything goes. We love music and we love working on all aspects of it whether it’s creating music, managing artists or signing and helping to develop artists so starting a record label together was a logical step for us. KBB are our initials together, we share the middle B.

What made you want to create a Record Label & How is being the owner of a record label going for you?

There are so many great bands out there that just don’t get the chance they deserve. We just want to work with great artists with a passion for music who are willing to go the extra mile like me and Kyle. It’s definitely a lot of hard work but I’m really enjoying it.

How do you go about creating a record label, other then just getting a name and making a website what do you have to do other then that? 

It’s a long, difficult process. You obviously can’t just make a website and start signing bands, there is a lot that goes into. To run a successful label you need a lawyer and legal team, you need employees that can handle everything such as deadlines, submissions, music videos, album artwork, finances, budgets, logistics the list is endless. You also need to sort out distribution globally which is difficult. We are working with Caroline as our distributor and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them so far, so there is definitely a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make a label run that peke don’t realize. 

What do you think the biggest challenge is with creating a new label? Do you think it has helped you as you are already a musician in a band?

Honestly my biggest challenge was learning how to seperate my time and make everything work. I had to learn to juggle Asking Alexandria and KBB in such a way that I am doing the best job I possibly can with both. 

After creating a record label, how do you choose what bands you want to sign, What qualities make a band stand out & make you want to sign them?

They have to bring something new and exciting to the table, I personally have to love the band and really believe in them if I am going to invest my time into them. They also have to be willing to work extremely hard and really, really want this. The music industry is tough and if you aren’t constantly fighting to get on top, you will quickly become lost in a sea of bands.

Once a band is signed to your label, What is the label in charge of doing for the band?

I don’t like that terminology. It sends the wrong message. A lot of bands get signed and then just assume it’s the labels job to make them famous, which isn’t the case. Obviously we distribute the record to stores around the world, but it’s a partnership between KBB and the band. We all have to work equally as hard together in order for the band to be successful. 

You currently have 2 bands signed on your label, The Family Ruin & Scare Don’t Fear. What made you sign these 2 bands & how did you discover them?

I signed them for the reasons I mentioned above. Both bands are a breath of fresh air! They stand out in the crowd and they are ready and willing to work as hard as they need to in order to be successful.  for the band to be successful. 

Is there anything that makes KBB Records stand out compared to other labels? 

I’m an internationally touring musician in a successful band, I’m not just a suit in an office telling our artists what to do. I know first hand what an artist wants from their label. I know how I want to be treated by our label so I make damn sure that the bands I sign to KBB get the respect and attention that I want for my own band. Not a lot of label owners can relate to their artists on this kind of level and it’s definitely an advantage that I have above other labels out there.

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