Interview with Anthony Green of Saosin / Circa Survive

Anthony Green of Saosin & Circa Survive & Sounds Of Animals Fighting InterviewHello Anthony, Im Andrew of Music Mayhem Magazine I’m here today to chat about your career within the music industry. Your on the cover of our June 1st 2014 release of Music Mayhem Magazine. How stoked are you for this!

MM-Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself your background musically & how life has been treating you lately?
AG-A1: I’m a singer, I’m 32, I’ve been making music since I was 14 and as of recently life has been as good as it’s been busy. And it’s been very busy

MM-Q2: We recently had the opportunity to watch you perform a reunion show with SAOSIN at Skate & Surf Festival. Which was absolutely amazing! How does it feel to finally be reunited with SAOSIN? What was that feeling like when you first entered the stage to see a HUGE crowd there supporting the reuniting of SAOSIN?
AG-A2:I feel greatful to have had a chance to reconnect with my old friends and make amends with them. Their was a lot of weirdness that got washed away. Playing the songs and going crazy was the icing on top  

MM-Q3: Its been quite some time since you release new material with SAOSIN, could we expect any new music from Saosin with you or re-releases? Will the new music be the same as past music or a new sound for Saosin?

AG-A3: We have some new music with me on it but no plans for sharing it yet. Circa is about to put out a record and that is my main focus , well see what happens after that 

MM-Q4: IF you are releasing new music with Saosin will there be a US tour announced shortly after? 
AG-A4: We would love to do a u.s tour , it’s just about timing. They all of other jobs and I’m touring with circa and am having a new baby. If the timing is right then maybe it will happen 

MM-Q5: Back in November 2013 you released a solo album titled “Young Legs”, What made you decide to write Solo albums & What is the meaning behind the title “Young Legs”?
AG-A5: Recording and sharing solo music started as a way to work on music that I had written that circa didn’t want.   Young legs is half about not being well versed in topical song writing and half about my obsession with a women’s beautiful legs 

MM-Q6:  Do you think you will have any new SOLO albums coming in the future? Do you like your solo music better then your music as vocals in a band?
AG-A6: I love playing music. And I only play music that makes me feel good. I’d say that there isn’t much different inside me when I’m singing circa or sound of animals or saosin or solo stuff. I love it all so much. And yes I have  four songs or so ready to go for the next record. It will come our next year at some point. 

MM-Q7: Your currently Vocals for Circa Survive, Saosin, & Your SOLO work as Anthony Green obviously. Is it difficult to be apart of 3 bands at once? How do you manage to keep up on all three?
AG-A7: It’s not difficult for me. It’s about time management. I like being busy. 

MM-Q8: Circa Survive has recently announced a new summer tour. What could we expect from this tour? 
AG-A8: Lots of energy. We might play a new song or two. I’ll be playing acoustic around the venue or select spots as often as I can. It’s going to be wild 

MM-Q9: Circa has also been releasing photos using hashtag #LP5. Which is obviously about a new album Circa is currently recording. Is there a title you could share or will it be called LP5? What could we expect from Circas new album?
AG-A9: This is by far the trippiest  circa record ever. It’s very weird. It’s faster and more aggressive. Expect an album of songs that I love and am more emotionally and spiritually connected to than any circa record ever.  It’s either going to be called the raise and fall of circa survive , drug farts, or something totally different 

MM-Q10: What point is the album at in the production stage? Almost done? Any lyrics you could share from the new Circa Survive LP5 coming out this fall?  
AG-A10: I’m finishing the vocals today and the guitars should be done in a few days. But we still have mixing And stuff. The record won’t be out until the summer is way over I think. I don’t like giving to much away but one lyric is , we mustn’t let this die. Hahha that’s not giving away to much 

MM-Q11: Anything you want to say about new music from circa survive?
AG-A11: I feel more connected to it than I ever have a circa record. It has helped restore my sanity and save my life in a way. Will yip producing and helping writing has a big part in that. It’s the first time we have ever written a record 100 % in the studio. Went in with almost nothing and came out with something spectacular. Will yip is a genius and so fun to work with. 

MM-Q12: Your wife and kids, I’m sure are huge supporters that keep you continuing your musical journey aside from your fans, How is life as a musician with a wife and kids? Is it more difficult then without? 
AG-A12: I consider myself a family man at heat, I can’t imagine making anything of real substance without them by my side. They are my best friends. Nothing in my life was ever easy. Nothing provided me with as much joy then loving and being loved by my wife and children. I never new that kind of love before. They give everything in my life new light and meaning so they make being a full time musician ten times more gratifying. Nothing is easy. You have to find something worth suffering for. 

MM-Q13: What is one thing your fans would be surprised to know about you?
AG-A13: I don’t really know, can’t say I have any sort of grip on how people look at me from the outside so it’s hard to say what would surprise them 

MM-Q14: Anything you wish to say to your past, current or future fans?  
AG-A14: Thanks for your attention. 

MM-Q15: HOPE has a very big message within the music community now a days, What does HOPE mean to you and how do you help promote HOPE?

AG-A15: Hope is a dangerous thing. I consider myself a realist and sometimes I see hope as a way for myself not to have to let something go. Faith is more important to me. Not to a god but to the love energy or force that guides all things. That creates balance. The knowledge that the is no light without dark and dark without life. That everything comes full circle. That faith has gotten me through the most hopeless times is my life. Music with always be there. I have faith in that. 

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