Interview with Shaun Foist on Joining Breaking Benjamin as their new drummer

Hey Shaun, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us today. We appreciate it. You recently became the new drummer for Breaking Benjamin, Whats it like joining a band that you have been a fan of?…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on October 1, 2014

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Hey Shaun, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us today. We appreciate it. You recently became the new drummer for Breaking Benjamin, Whats it like joining a band that you have been a fan of?

It’s really crazy, from day one of playing with Ben to our first show, it almost doesn’t seem real, it really still hasn’t sunk in to be honest. It’s a life changing experience for sure.


How long were you a fan of Breaking Benjamin before joining?

It dates all the way back to the Polyamorous days for sure. I remember when that came out and especially when so cold was released. The band has a unique vibe, and I really dug it.


As you stated yourself, you had huge shoes to fill as the drummer of Breaking Benjamin and their old drummer being so incredibly awesome. Would you say you feel you have filled those shoes quite well?

I’m never one to toot my Own horn per say, I go by what the fans say, and obviously how my band feels. Ben and the rest of the guys say I’m doing great, and the fans seem to love what I am doing, so I’m at least on the right track. The band has a history of great drummers and I’m trying to keep the bands legacy alive with that for sure.


What was it like playing in front of 700+ people at the first 2 SOLDOUT Breaking Benjamin shows?

Before the first show, I was nervous all day, and when I walked out on stage, and the crowd made noise, the fear went away, and the adrenaline took over, it was like I had been playing with the band live for years, and the energy was incredible, it was also emotional because I’ve been trying for so long to “make it”, and when the opening guitar riff to so cold started, I almost choked up a bit, because I immediately thought about how I wished my dad was there.


What is it like to be apart of the reformation of Breaking Benjamin, & be so welcomed by their fan base?

It’s a great feeling when the fans know me by name and everything about me. They have been so amazing to me, and I couldn’t be happier, that was my biggest fear.


Being a prior fan of Breaking Benjamin, how would you like to stay true to the band’s style of music while also putting your own influences on it going forward?

Well, the band has it’s own sound and vibe for sure, so really I’m not going to change that drumming wise, but fortunately my style is a combo of Hummel/Szeliga, with my own flavor as well, so I think it will work well with the bands vibe.


Fans want to know, What is Ben like with the band? How close is the band with each other? Does everyone get along well?

We are family. Ben is generous, knows what he wants and expects, and is very trusting in us as musicians. We are very close, and off the clock we are best buds and on the clock it’s pure business.


Are you looking forward to touring with Breaking Benjamin in and outside of the US?

Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get out there and play for the fans.


In a recent interview with Ben, He told us that the new members in Breaking Benjamin are so talented & all work together on the song writing process. Whats it like to have such a big name in music giving you such huge compliments? Do you enjoy songwriting?

It’s a great feeling to have someone like Ben think of me as a great drummer and to have me a part of this. I enjoy songwriting, even though I’m not an actual writer, meaning, I try to contribute as much as I can, and I bring drum parts to Ben, as in the past he wrote drum parts in superior drummer, so that’s less stress to him now, so I can come to him with a part/idea, and we tweak it together and try different things. It’s a lot of fun.


When you submitted your audition videos to be the drummer of Breaking Benjamin, did you ever think you would be chosen as the drummer?

To be honest yes, I felt in my heart I had what it took, and I told myself, when I made those videos, they were going to be as perfect as possible. I had a good feeling.


Aside from Breaking Benjamin, What other bands have you been in & would you say this is the largest band you have ever been in?

Well there’s tons of bands I’ve been in that I’ll never really mention out of either pure embarrassment or bad home wrecking experiences, but the only other bands I was in that were credible were Picture Me Broken, and Black Saints Cartel, we did some awesome touring, and most definitely, breaking benjamin is the biggest band I’ve ever been in.


You currently are offering Skype Drum classes, How is that going for you & what can one expect from one of these classes if they were interested in joining? How would someone join?

You can sign up at my website, and I actually haven’t started them just yet, I’m more In the scheduling part of it right now.


What and who are your biggest influences and what do you like to do in your spare time?(hobbies, etc.)

Lots of influences for sure, Danny Carey, and Abe Cunningham are the two drummers I’m listening a lot to these days.


What’s you favorite band outside of BB to listen to?

Right now it’s hands down, the deftones.


Have you traveled outside of the US before?

I’ve only been to canada, and hope to at least see Italy before I die.


Are you endorsed or sponsored by any companies for your drum-kit or cymbals?

Yes, Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Evans drumheads, and Groove Juice cymbal cleaner/stick grip.


What is in your Drum kit?

What isn’t? Haha, well it’s a true double bass 10 piece kit, but we took one bass drum off, and it also has a full Roland TD-11 drumkit integrated into the drum rack, and tons of cymbals.


Is there anything you would like to say to your current or future fans?

Thank you for the amazing support, and without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.


Thank you so much for doing this interview with us we appreciate it. Looking forward to new music & tours from Breaking Benjamin and you have an awesome talent and put on a great set during your first show! Just an added fun fact what is your favorite Breaking Benjamin song to play on the drums?

You are very welcome. My favorite song to play is “Unknown Soldier”

Check out our interview with Ben:!Breaking-Benjamin-is-BACK-Soon-to-be-touring-Welcoming-a-new-baby-to-the-Burnley-Family/c169s/0BCF8ABE-FE52-4356-B788-0BB6700662AD



10/16/14 – Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY
10/17/14 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
10/19/14 – The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY
10/21/14 – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
10/23/14 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
10/24/14 – The Grand Opera House – Wilmington, DE
10/25/14 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
10/26/14 – Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, October 3.


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