InGhosts Release Music Video for “Defeat”

InGhosts (Mike Kenway, Jacob Ortiz, and Mel Torres) just released their first new single and music video of 2020, “Defeat”! The track by the LA/Indiana metalcore trio starts off quiet, then strikes you with unclean vocals shouting, “And I’ve been waiting for a light to show itself / To guide my path to ground / Suspended in doubt without a way back down.”

Those who don’t “understand” heavier music might just hear music, but what Mike hears is a song all about his anxiety and insecurities, along with all of the flaws he sees in himself everyday and what that does to him.

“It’s about finding the will to push on, finding the things you need to hold you up, and pushing through no matter what,” Mike told us. “In a lot of ways it’s just as much a song about me as it is this band and what we’ve been through so far, but we haven’t given up yet and neither should you.”

“Defeat” came after multiple tours, sleepless nights, tons of flights, and countless hours on the road. “Throughout my life, I’ve felt countless amounts of friction towards my creative endeavors, whether it be culturally, societally, financially, and even emotionally,” Mel shared. “I’ve always been looked at as the odd one or black sheep by my peers for pursuing music until I’ve finished college and surrounded myself with like-minded creatives. I’ve had loved ones to friends share their skepticism or even blatant lack of support for my creative endeavors.”

After years of grinding away in the industry and taking on multiple projects as a creator, Mel has toured the world with InGhosts. He has also gotten to meet and collaborate with a lot of his idols through his creative work. Working hard pays off, and that’s what this song means to him.

“This song encompasses my internal struggle in giving up on my creativity. It illustrates how I’ve fought to myself and others to stay true to myself,” says Mel. “This song projects how I’ve pushed through, financial hardship, emotional depression, and societal pressure to stay true to myself and true to the ones around me. I am stronger than defeat. We are stronger than defeat.”

If you’re into bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park who rock out with a bit of an EDM vibe, we think you will love InGhosts!

Listen to “Defeat” below:

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