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I Prevail Debut Emotion-Filled “Every Time You Leave” Music Video Featuring Delaney Jane

Grammy-nominated band I Prevail have debuted the music video for their latest single “Every Time You Leave” on Friday, August 28.

The “Every Time You Leave” music video showcases the feelings from military members leaving their significant, perfectly fitting the lyrics “every time you leave, I lose a little piece of me.” While also showing families hurt by the death within war before returning home to your loved ones.

The video takes a close, hard, and unsettling look at the difficulties and traumas faced by the people and the families who are on the frontlines of both sides of war.

Every time you leave, I lose a little piece of me
And every time we speak, words don’t do it justice
It’s just us from here
Here, here
And that’s when she said
Every time you leave, I lose a little piece of me

You can watch the new video below.

The music video follows the release of their acoustic rendition of the track.

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