How to Find the Best Online Violin Lessons

Learning to play the violin through online resources is not a new trend. Even before the pandemic struck, people were looking for the best online violin lessons. The reasons are multitude – a good teacher is not available locally, or…


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Posted on May 8, 2021

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Learning to play the violin through online resources is not a new trend. Even before the pandemic struck, people were looking for the best online violin lessons.

The reasons are multitude – a good teacher is not available locally, or you hate to commute. Either way, many reputed websites can aid in your virtual learning process. But the main question remains: finding the best teacher for your violin lessons.

Here are some steps to follow and ensure that you find the right one:

1. Inquire If They Offer Customized Lessons

Not all students can grasp musical theory or read sheet music the same way. Although two people are beginner-level learners, their progress may be at varying stages. For this reason, your teacher must create a tailored lesson plan to match your pace and learning style. It is crucial that you find about this before signing up and paying in advance.

Here are some additional things you can consider to find the right match:

  • Levels taught
  • Other instruments
  • Group or individual lessons
  • Number of students
  • Age groups
  • Location
  • Availability
  • Language

2. Find Your Violin Teacher’s Experience

A site may rank certain tutors as top-rated, but do they have adequate experience? It is in your interest to double-check this fact. Check their credentials and talk to some of their past students.

Look for:

  • Awards and recognitions
  • Students’ achievements
  • Proficiency level
  • Genre specialization
  • Technique

Read the user testimonials and feedback, and if you detect any red flags, be cautious. One thing that signals poor performance is if they offer unbelievably low rates.

Discounted pricing and other promotions are fine, but otherwise, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. So, you can compare the packages of various online violin lessons and decide on one.

3. Understand the Refunds Policy

Regardless of a tutor’s popularity with the student community, they may not be the right fit for you. Hence, you may decide to discontinue your lessons with a teacher.

But having paid the money upfront, it is possible to lose it. A genuine website will specifically mention their refund policy in extreme situations like these. Don’t blindly put your faith in a platform that guarantees 100% success and satisfaction.

Instead, go through the fine print and disclaimer, if any. Furthermore, you can even reach out to customer support and ask your queries. If they are unresponsive or hesitate to answer, it is better to start looking elsewhere.

4. Request for Personalized Attention
An authentic online music lessons website will have a wide range of resources at your disposal. There are reading materials, sheet music files, and videos that you can download and practice.

However, you may need some extra attention to clear any learning hurdles. Find out if the tutor will be available to speak or chat with you. Some platforms make it easy for you to connect with the perfect violin teacher in person or online.

They also have expert music instructors and friendly student counselors to help you find your rhythm. They motivate and inspire you in your lifelong learning efforts.

5. Be Clear About Your Goals

Firstly, determine what your objective is – do you want to play professionally or for fun? Secondly, prepare a timeframe to achieve your goals realistically and with regular practice.

Thirdly, understand your approach to learning to play the violin. Figure out if you want to learn music theory first and then start playing. If so, you can explore the online library of the website before engaging a teacher.

Most importantly, consider your mindset and how you would accept criticism. Do you want your teacher to correct you on the spot and be strict? Or, perhaps you prefer a subtler manner and want the tutor to gently nudge you in the right direction. If you enroll your child or this is your first time handling a violin, the latter method is better.

6. Consistency Is Key

Consistency matters not just in your practice sessions but also in how you take the lessons. A lot of it depends on your tutor and the website you choose. Consider if they have daily or weekly lessons and advanced classes you may take in the future. Besides doing a background check of the teachers, learn about the platform itself.

Ideally, the site will be more than a decade old, garnering rave reviews from all over the world. The site will have a strong student community where you can interact with other users and benefit mutually.

You can find teachers of different teaching styles, genres, instruments, art forms, and techniques. They also offer real-time instruction with live lessons.

With Practice, You Become Perfect

Reading notes, cords, or sheet music cannot compare to training your ear. So, practice by listening to a lot of musical compositions that use the violin. Maintain a schedule to practice violin and do it whenever you find free time to master the instrument.

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