How to Design a Bedroom Interior Fit for Rockstars

Your bedroom is your most intimate space. Whether you live with others or alone, you’ll know that there is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time in your bedroom. On average, you will spend about 33 years of your life…


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Posted on February 4, 2021

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Your bedroom is your most intimate space. Whether you live with others or alone, you’ll know that there is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time in your bedroom. On average, you will spend about 33 years of your life in bed, so it’s vital that this resting time occurs in a space you enjoy being in.

Bedroom comfort isn’t just about having a fantastic mattress or lighting a scented candle; it’s about having décor that you find visually appealing. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality.

If you’d like to express your inner Rockstar on your bedroom interior design, you’ll need to be ready to be creative, bold, and confident. Rockstar bedroom decoration entails a hint of eccentrics, but the fun kind that you’re bound to grow fond of once you’ve taken the leap.

Here are a few tips to revamp your bedroom like a pro without breaking the bank.

1. Invest in a Large Bed Frame

When you think of maximum bedroom comfort, it likely starts with the bed. But bringing a sense of opulence to your room takes more than a great mattress. A large, rugged bed frame is a bold and impressive choice, reminiscent of the décor of palaces and luxurious hotels.

You can work with a carpenter to create an extension of your bed frame, making the headboard more imposing to fill out your living room space better.

2. Switch to Color Lighting

Color lighting has been popular for a few decades, but only recently have people began to interest themselves in the health benefits of having a tint to your lighting. In particular, blue lighting has an array of health benefits, including regulating your circadian rhythm, which helps you establish a waking up/sleeping routine.

Installing blue lights in your bedroom will not only help you get better rest it will also create a lounge-like atmosphere typical of Rockstar interiors.

3. Frame Your Posters

The only difference between a magazine poster and a piece of digital art is its presentation. Having your favorite posters re-worked and printed in crisp coloring, framed, and glass-cased will make each one look like appraised photography.

If you’re good at photo-editing, you can also do DIY filtering of the photos, using a black and white effect to capture more contrast and shape, and give a more sleek, finished look to your poster collection.

4. Get a Bold Wallpaper

Boldness is the essence of Rockstar décor. If you can’t splurge on expensive wall paint or graphics, you should consider wallpaper. The advantage of the models featured on is that once mounted, they’re indistinguishable from direct on-wall paint.

You can find designs that will highlight the luxurious edge you wish to give your room. The more grasping and creative your design, the more the art-gallery atmosphere of your room will be reminiscent of superstar interiors.

5. Paint a Wall into a Dark Shade

Colored lighting isn’t the only decoration hack that can have a positive effect on your well-being. Dark walls are also perfect for temperature insulation and can help you find sleep at night. Dark walls are also incredibly chic, particularly when matte and muted paint is applied.

Painting just one of your walls is decoration work an amateur can handle, so this is perfect for you if you’re looking for a remodeling task to occupy yourself during the confinement period.

6. Add to Your Pillow Collection

Fluff suggests comfort because it guarantees that you’re warm and snug once you’re in bed. Having plenty of pillows is a trend that started to be observed a few years back in interior decoration magazines, and that made its way to Instagram and Pinterest more recently.

Investing in thick, fluffy pillows will make your bedding seem more indulgent and appealing and could help you get more lavish and lengthy sleep.

7. Double Line Your Curtains

Thick curtains are ideal for people with a changing work schedule because they allow you to sleep in when you’ve gotten home late or had to work after-hours. Thick curtains prevent the morning light from aggressively pouring into your room and tend to make their fabric look richer and more textured.

You can work with a seamstress to double-line your curtains to prevent light from penetrating, to enjoy the toasty morning lie-ins a Rockstar occasionally deserves.

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