How the Purpose of Music Surprisingly Changed

You know, with the 21st century, things definitely changed. We understand that a lot of things strayed away from their original goal and purpose, but we never thought that that could happen with music. Unfortunately, it did. Before, music used to be this thing that prompted people to gather and to have a little relaxation session with some good ole tunes blasting. How that’s changed, and what’s music’s purpose today, we will explain in this article. If this sounds interesting to you, then stick around and see this article through. Thank you.

As we’ve previously stated, music’s original purpose definitely isn’t present all that much anymore. Before, it used to be a tool that was used to bring people together and to create some lovely memories. And, not to lie, that purpose is still there, but not in its original shape. You probably remember those campfire parties where a guy would play his guitar. You know, people would eat barbecue, girls would dance, and everything else that goes in that package. If you’re not old enough to remember those things, then you’ve probably heard some stories from your folks. And that’s not the problem. People still vibe with music but in a different way. Clubs have become the dominant way for people who want to go out and listen to some good shit. And even that is okay. But what’s become a general problem is how and why music is even made. A lot of artists don’t even create music because of passion and love. They do it for money, for views, to gain girls, and even worse – they make music to be put in commercials.

You see, before, commercial music was just this short and catchy jingle that was capable of putting a smile on everybody’s face. Now, greedy corporations order full-on songs in order to cater to a different audience and to be a part of that cool and hip new culture, because their old ways are slowly dying. And they don’t want to be left behind for sure. That’s why, when every new artist pops out, corporations literally fight over who’s going to endorse him/her and get to put his/her music into their stuff. It’s the dirtiest way of attracting an audience, playing on their emotions. Because that’s what music does. It produces various feelings, and it sticks with people. And what’s even worse is the fact that it’s not only corporations but every single site or company on the internet too. From commercial about dog food to promotions of various shady products, right to best porn sites. And that brings us to the next conclusion. Instead of music serving like a community tool that brings people together and makes their lives just a bit easier, while also making it possible for musicians to make a living… Now it’s become a tool to manipulate people. Musicians can still make a killing living out of it, but at what price? That’s a question that we need to ask ourselves.

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