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How Music Marketing Helps People Break into the Industry

The music production cycle has been going round for decades, yet we always feel as though we are on the cusp of the freshest tunes, hottest stars, and at the height of where music can take us. But, we look back and can barely remember most of what was current and hip at the moment. Have the artists got better? No. It’s the marketing that keeps us on our toes, keeps us looking for new music every Friday, builds followings behind singers that help do the job of promoters for them. The music industry is one of the savviest when it comes to marketing, but what tricks do they have?

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Free Offers

Many industries take advantage of the free offer, least of all the music industry. With budding singers offering a free song release if the album is downloaded and established artists offering free gifts in special edition releases it’s clear that standard sales promotion techniques work in the music industry. Other industries, such as the online casino sector, do this to good effect with, for example, the online bingo offers at Lucky Pants Bingo, which can vary from weekly and monthly draws to Happy Hour promotions. Meanwhile, music streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify give free trial memberships and Netflix and other VoD services do the same.

Building Hype 

Artists can do this in many ways. Some start on the streets and building a following busking from bar to bar and making their presence known. Others are fortunate enough to be chosen to have their music played on a TV show or advert, while many build hype through social media. Indeed, many artists begin their careers on YouTube with dazzling personalities and timely covers of popular songs to showcase their own pipes. Another method in order to build the hype is to find a connection with an established artist. Being complimented by someone doing well in the industry can work wonders for any aspiring musicians. Music influencers are also a good way of building that hype and providing a trusted voice for you.

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Go Big

As with many industries, making a splash can often land you exactly where you want to be. Remember the man who handed out copies of his CV in a London train station? His cheap, quick, yet effective PR stunt landed him a job. Musicians can do similar things, causing a splash to create some much-needed hype. This could even tie in with a greater strategy that hooks in fans and customers once they have looked into you, such as a giveaway or a competition, or other manner of sales promotion that keeps potential customers interested. There is no way to survive in the music industry without giving it your all and making a splash.

Music marketing works much the same as any industry, matching appetite from the audience with something to offer from the artist. Whether this is done with free offers and giveaways to entice potential fans, by building up hype and excitement and getting the artist’s name out there, or orchestrating a huge PR stunt to really get your name out there.

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