How Hardcore Fans Manage to Be There at Every Big Moment

Throughout the decades, and in particular the 60s to 80s when the groupie scene was it its heights, people from all across the world have set off in pursuit of their favorite bands regardless of the length and cost of the journey, and it certainly makes you wonder how they could afford to do it, especially during international tours. This article will look at some stories of these music loving expeditions as well as the costs involved in following your favorite band.

Back in the day

Some of the most famous bands from back in the day that fans would follow in their droves include Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, The Motley Crew and Van Halen. These were of course some of the biggest bands in the world in their time, so it’s no wonder they generated so many devoted fans.

The most dedicated would gear their whole lifestyle towards following a band on the road, some would get to know the band on ‘personal terms’, take that as you will, and in some cases, would either become their ‘muse’ and/or work for them by running little errands and looking after their welfare, most likely in return for some cash which they would use to support their lifestyle.

Affording life on the road

While it’s hard to imagine how people could afford international flights for prolonged periods, if you have a car or a camper van, following your favorite bands to as many dates as possible on a national tour seems feasible if you rough it a little bit, all you need is money for petrol, concert tickets and food.

Saving up in advance

One woman spent 10,000 touring The Cure across the states to 8 locations with one date in London, she said she took out a credit card  so she was never stuck for cash when she needed it and so she had more time to pay back all her expenses. She managed it by living rent free with her partner and saving up as much of her wage as possible for a year in advance.

She did admit to paying for more expensive tickets on occasion for the best seats and she relied on internal flights and hotels which would have significantly bumped up the cost. Not having to pay a major expense such as rent was the only way she managed to pull it off.

It’s doable if you are prepared to rough it a bit

The key to being able to indulge in your favorite bands is saving up for many month’s even years in advance, depending on how long you intend to be on the road. Staying national is your best bet and either using your own transport that you can sleep in or public transport and camping with odd hotel stay for extra comfort, if you are prepared to rough it a bit you could probably live off about $500 a month minimum.

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