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If you are budgeting for wedding entertainment, then research compiled by The Knot indicates that the average amount spent by couples on a DJ is $1,200, while live bands cost around $3,700. The difference is, in many ways, self-explanatory. A live band can play requests on the spot and add the magic that live-played musical instruments can bring to any occasion. Music is vital when it comes to setting the right ambience, though, so your choices should go beyond that of band vs DJ. The following top trends in musical entertainment for weddings may provide the inspiration you need to incorporate music more into various stages of your wedding – not just your reception dance extravaganza.

A Classical Entrance

The dynamics of your wedding will change several times, so there are many times at which the dulcet sounds of a classical instrument may lend a moment the right tone and add to the romance of the occasion. If you are celebrating a garden reception, for instance, guests will usually stand in the garden entrance prior to heading for their tables. At this point of the event, caterers usually carry trays with aperitifs and glasses of Champagne or wine to open up palates. Think of the touch of romance a harp player or a string quartet can lend the moment when guests enter and begin to meet and mingle.

A Choreographed First Dance

Make You Feel My Love by Adele, Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel, and You’re My Best Friend by Queen are just a few classic first dance love songs favored by brides and grooms. These days, however, first dances often take on an upbeat vibe, and feature a clever choreography planned previously by the bride and groom. If you are into both romantic and party vibes, you can begin with a romantic tune and break into your pop-fueled choreography straight after.

Curated Playlists

If you have booked a band for a specific number of hours and you are relying on a playlist afterwards, hop on the curated wedding playlist trend, selecting songs that have marked your love story as well as those that your guests will love. Weddings are the perfect blend of romance and celebratory vibes, so keep guests on the dance floor with around five upbeat tunes for every one sweet and slow one. You can take requests months before the wedding; your guests’ tastes will help you refine a list, but also give you ideas for songs you may have forgotten to include. Regardless of what artists you choose, don’t forget classic bands such as Queen, the Rolling Stones or the Bee Gees. Also include hip hop, R&B, rock, pop and other genres that people are currently partying to.

Mobile Musicians

Discerning couples are seeking to bring romance to all corners of their reception, and this is achieved thanks to strolling musicians, who can visit individual tables and serenade other couples. The violin is the usual choice for this type of entertainment, but you can also consider the flute and the saxophone. Musicians not only pamper guests with the sense of sound, but also provide an excellent ice breaker for guests seated at a table who may just have met on the night of your wedding.

Music has always played a part in weddings, owing to its ability to add to the romance of the evening. If you are thinking of ways to make it a greater part of your celebration, go beyond the hiring of a DJ or band. Curate your own playlist, add strolling musicians to the party, and hire musicians for different stages of your event. Without a doubt, musicians are some of the best investments you could make in a wedding, as they have a unique ability to lift the mood, fill the night with romance, and help create a party that will keep guests talking for years to come.

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