Hinder Drummer and Vocalist Release Upbeat New Single “1982” As Dangerous Hippies

Hinder’s vocalist Marshal Dutton and drummer Cody Hanson have debuted their new single “1982,” from their forthcoming EP as Dangerous Hippies.

The Hinder duo created their Dangerous Hippies side project in 2011 when the two formed a partnership in songwriting to create a song for a commercial. The pair continued to write music after finding success together with the song, but the music was so different that they wanted to keep it separated from Hinder, so they formed Dangerous Hippies.

The fresh new song is an upbeat, summertime rock song that will leave you craving more from them. The song was written, produced, mixed/mastered solely by Hanson and Dutton.

“‘1982’ is a fun, upbeat track about a girl that was born in 1982. When I think about pop culture from the ’80s, which I love, I remember everything being really fun and vibrant,” Hanson told Loudwire about the single. “The song alludes to the fact that no matter how many great things happened that year, she is what made really made the year 1982 special.”

Hanson went on to explain that the pair is already “having an absolute blast” with their Dangerous Hippies side project. As he says that “the fact that there are no rules and we can blend all of our different inspirations from different genres is super fun and rewarding.”

Dangerous Hippies

Fans were assured that they do not have to worry however, Hinder is going nowhere, the band will continue in addition to their side project, Dangerous Hippies.

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