High Sierra Club Release Music Video for “Waiting”

High Sierra Club began when Matthew Mosca (guitarist/vocalist of the band) was living in Utah. He used the power of social media to message Jacob Grabner (now the band’s bassist) via Twitter DM. They met in Las Vegas and eventually recruited Lyle Carter (now the band’s drummer) the old-fashioned way. Rather than use social media, they posted ads on their local Guitar Center message boards. After a little bit of faith and lots of luck, High Sierra Club was born. They ended up playing their first show in April of 2018 and now their latest song, “Waiting,” has been released.



The band’s music has an indie/punk/emo sound that could fit at Warped Tour, with a mix of influences from bands like Tiny Moving Parts, Dance Gavin Dance, 311, The Wonder Years, and The Story So Far.

When you listen to High Sierra Club’s music, it takes a counterintuitive approach to learn about your problems by shouting about them with lyrics like, “You’re looking at me and it feels like I’m choking, cause I don’t wanna be quiet / I hold it in for awhile, and then it pours out like rain and I feel ashamed, so I’ll force a smile,” from their song “Waiting.”

“Waiting” is reflection and a track about a period of real uncertainty and feeling consumed by thoughts and overwhelmed by choices and responsibility. “I hit a huge transitionary period in my life, ending a relationship of 3 years, leaving college baseball and moving home without a degree,” says Matthew. “My only solution was to build something new in my life from scratch, from my own voice instead of everyone else’s. That, of course, ended up being High Sierra Club and also “Waiting.” The song is about being in the middle of this transition. It’s about making decisions. I don’t think it ever ends.”

Although “Waiting” is the newest single, High Sierra Club is set to release their debut self-titled EP in December as the culmination of hard work from scratch. So stay tuned for that!

Till then, watch the music video for “Waiting” below:

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