Hidden In Plain View Wakes Up The Trocadero with Life In Dreaming 10th Anniversary Tour

They came back for one show in Philadelphia in 2013, but nearly eight years after their initial disbandment, Northern New Jersey post hardcore band Hidden in Plain View announced that they’d be reuniting. Not only would they be playing shows…


Molly Hudelson


Posted on April 11, 2015

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They came back for one show in Philadelphia in 2013, but nearly eight years after their initial disbandment, Northern New Jersey post hardcore band Hidden in Plain View announced that they’d be reuniting. Not only would they be playing shows around the UK and US in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their debut album Life in Dreaming, the band would be releasing a brand new EP, Animal. Included in Hidden in Plain View’s US tour dates was a show at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, this Thursday, April 9. Originally planned for the Trocadero’s main stage, on the day of the show it was decided that the performance would be moved to the Balcony upstairs. With a capacity of only 250 people and no barricade, the Balcony provided a more intimate setting for the show, making Hidden in Plain View’s return to Philadelphia an even more special moment for the fans that were able to attend.

Not long after doors opened, the show began with performances from Kevin Burke and Finding Westerly. Burke is a musician based in Long Island, N.Y., and though he’s been playing in bands for years it was his first show as Kevin Burke, but his performance- rounded out by a backing band that consisted partially of members of fellow Long Islanders This Good Robot- showed his incredible talent and potential. Finding Westerly picked the pace up a bit and got the crowd moving with their upbeat alternative/pop-punk tunes.

Up next was Major League, a four-piece that call Southern New Jersey home. “Philadelphia has always been a home to us,” lead singer / guitarist Brian Joyce told the crowd. Though the band plays Philadelphia regularly, it had been awhile since they’d played the Balcony at the Trocadero- in fact, the last time they played on that stage was when guitarist Matt Chila first joined the band.

Major League began their set with the back-to-back performances of “Pillow Talk” and “Kaleidoscopes”, the first two tracks that were released from their latest record There’s Nothing Wrong With Me. But for their next song they threw it back: “Need I Remind You” was originally released as an acoustic track on their 2011 EP Variables, and was later released as a full-band track on their 2012 debut album Hard Feelings, and is regularly a fan-favorite.

 Joyce dedicated “Bruiser” to Burke, who he said he’s known for years and was excited to see where he went with his solo career. Major League was honored, he said, to be playing with Hidden in Plain View- a band they’d grown up listening to. The balladic “From States Away”- which they’d dedicated to Finding Westerly- was a sing-along that had the crowd intrigued, but it was their two closing songs, “Homewrecker” and “Rittenhouse”, that really showed Major League’s ability to connect with their fans on an emotional level.

After Major League finished, the anticipation only continued while Hidden in Plain View prepared to take the stage. As they were celebrating the tenth anniversary of Life in Dreaming, Hidden in Plain View’s set began with them playing the entirety of that album. From the very first song, “Bleed For You”, it was clear that ten years later, fans are still passionate about Hidden in Plain View and Life in Dreaming. “Ashes Ashes” showed an angrier side to the band, while “A Minor Detail” was a catchier tune yet still showed the intensity Hidden in Plain View are known for. While “The Point” began as a sentimental romantic tune, it featured an impressive guitar solo in the bridge; lead vocalist Joe Reo declared the crowd’s enthusiastic response to be “so fucking beautiful!” 

Reo then went on to share a fond memory, and a proud moment in the band’s history, as he told the story of the band’s signing to the notable independent record label Drive-Thru Records, through which they released Life in Dreaming. During “Garden Statement”, the crowd sang louder than the band, and this enthusiastic response continued for “The Innocent Ones”, which Reo said they’d never played live before their recent UK shows.

After bringing the pace back up with “American Classic”, the band thanked Kevin Burke, Finding Westerly, and Major League for playing.  “Top 5 Addictions” was another anthemic singalong; though “Halcyon Daze” is the final track on Life in Dreaming Hidden in Plain View had a few songs left in their performance. “Belly Full Of Kerosene” was a fun throwback to the band’s 2003 self-titled EP, while “Bendy”, from their 2007 sophomore full-length Resolution, was an ode to “everyone in the front row.” The band’s final song, “Shamans Witches Magic”, was another throwback to Hidden in Plain View, and once again, had fans singing along to every word. 

Hidden in Plain View will be performing in New York on April 11 at the Gramercy Theatre and in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) on May 9 at The Roxy Theatre, although no further US shows have been announced. But with a brand new EP, Animal (released earlier this month via Rise Records), it would be no surprise if the band hit the road again soon, and if the crowd at The Trocadero was any clue, their return to Philadelphia will be eagerly anticipated. 

Check out the photo gallery of the show here: CLICK HERE!

Photos & Review By: Molly Hudelson

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