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Hayley Williams invites Elton John to Paramore Concert following ‘After Laughter’ Applaude

Hayley Williams of Paramore is currently freaking out after hearing the news of Elton John praising Paramore’s latest album, After Laughter. So what did Williams do when she found out well first she freaked out a bit, then she invited John to a Paramore show.

The news came from a Beats 1 interview where John said, “Probably one of the most underrated albums of last year. They can be really proud of that album. It was a fabulous record.” in which after Williams got a listen to the interview with Beats 1 and John she responded almost immediately via Twitter saying, “dear lord!! never actually heard this so thank you for posting  (and thx @eltonofficial, pls come to a pmore show. it’s a v good time.)” Along with Williams replying the band account (Paramore) also replied saying, “Elton John (ELTON! JOHN!) has heard (& ENJOYED!) our 5th album. what a feeling. thank you. #AfterLaughter

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