Half Hearted – Break Deep (Song Review)

‘Break Deep’ is the latest single from New England post hardcore outfit Half Hearted. The track was released September 24, 2014 with a lyric video accompanying it on Bryan Stars YouTube channel. The song begins with a beautiful piano being played, but it doesn’t take long to dive right into what can only be described as sheer badassery (still with the piano in the background; piano’s can be badass, don’t judge). Now, I’m not sure who this song is directed towards, however they’re not too happy with them; “sleep with one eye open”, “how can you live with yourself knowing this was all your fault”. I’m pretty glad that it’s not me, that’s all I gotta say.

Rating 4/5: The only reason I know who Half Hearted is is because of this song and I am freakin’ hooked. They are an amazingly talented group of gentlemen for sure! The only thing not doing it for me on this track is the “woah oh oh”, it just doesn’t seem to really mesh, but overall I love the song. It’s wonderful to wake up or work out to! Definitely keep an eye on these guys, they’re going places!

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