Halestorm Releases Amy Lee Duet “Break In,” The First Song Released From Their Forthcoming Reimagined EP

Halestorm and Evanescence’s Amy Lee have surprised fans with the debut of a new unreleased duet “Break In” on Friday (July 31).

The duet will serve as the first song off of Halestorm’s forthcoming, Reimagined EP.

“Break In” is originally featured as a track on Halestorm’s second full length album, The Strange Case Of…, but has now been recreated as a duet with Amy Lee.

“What I love about dueting on that song with you is that it started out as a love song that I wrote for my significant other but when we sing it together, it’s kind of this act of unity, especially with the two of us being women and musicians. It’s like we have each others backs.” Lzzy Hale explained during her Raise Your Horns with Lzzy Hale series earlier this year.

Hale continued: “The lyrics mean something completely different when I sing them with you and I’m finally able to announce this, so Amy and I did an actual studio version of this that we are officially releasing in August. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, Amy sang her ass off and we actually did it performance style, literally next to each other in the same room, from beginning of song to end of song. That was such a cool thing to do with you.”

“There’s a duet with Amy Lee on there. She was nice enough to do this. We recorded it as a performance in the studio. It’s a really unique way to do this. We recorded with Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones, Alice In Chains) in Nashville,” said Hale to AltPress during a recent interview. “We ended up redoing a song that we recorded on our second record called ‘Break In.’ Years and years ago, when we toured with Evanescence, Amy loved the song and would come out and sing it with me live onstage. When we decided to redo this song, I was like, “Hey, I wonder if Amy would want to do it?” And without even hesitating, she said yes. We set up this studio. Basically, it was two microphones in the same room, so there’s a lot bleed. We literally had to record at the same time, front to back, as a performance and get it right. It was such a magical moment because she has such an amazing voice, and we’ve always had this mutual respect for each other’s voices, but to actually do it in that way… It was an experience I’d never had before with any other singer, and I’m just so glad that we got it on tape.”

Their voices blend together so flawlessly, Hale and Lee did an impressive job with their unique vocals combining extremely well.

Halestorm’s much-anticipated Reimagined EP is slated drop sometime in August 2020.

The album is expected to contain reimagined versions of their songs “I Miss The Misery,” “I Get Off,” “I Am The Fire,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Mz. Hyde” and the aforementioned just-released Amy Lee duet.

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