HALESTORM Cause Mayhem at their SOLD OUT First Headlining Arena Show

Halestorm - Photo By: Andrew Wendowski Photogrphy

Photo By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

One of Hard Rock’s most electrifying acts, Pennsylvania’s own Grammy Award Winning rockers, Halestorm launched their 100% female fronted bands tour in their home state of Pennsylvania last night in Reading at The Santander Arena featuring Dorothy & The Legendary Lita Ford. This being the first ever arena show that Halestorm has headlined and with it being just about sold out it was a very special night. Not only was it on April Fool’s Day but also drummer AreJay Hale’s birthday. Halestorm is the perfect storm of musicians including Lzzy Hale on Vocals/Guitar, Arejay Hale on Drums, Josh Smith on Bass/Vocals, & Joe Hottinger on Guitar/Vocals. Their great music, unique sound and stage presence as well as an attitude that isn’t forced, but rather a personification of their music, isn’t the only features that make Halestorm the extraordinary band that they are today but their incredible talent and musicianship in which the entire band brings to the stage is breathtaking. Every person in attendance had Halestorm attire present whether it be a bracelet, hat, cd in hand, or their signature spray painted on design hoodie, shirts, and leather jackets showcasing Into This Wild Life on the backs showing their loyalty to the band. 

Photo By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

The band emerged to the dark stage to kick off the wild night ahead with “Sick Individual” from their 2015 release & third studio album, “Into The Wild Life” via Atlantic Records. The crowd instantly showed their energy during the opening riffs of “Sick Individual” as the audience erupted into a sea of screaming fans. Halestorm’s setlist is a blend of songs that is guaranteed to give you what you want to hear from a variety of songs from their debut album Self Titled: Halestorm, The Strange Case Of…, & Into The Wild Life. This storm known as Halestorm has been building for 18 years, strengthening its core and fine tuning its rotation for maximum impact. The momentum that started this one was Lzzy and Arejay Hale. Arejay’s drumming is a signature force and central to the sound of the band. Lzzy’s musicianship on both piano and guitar, her commanding stage presence in a way that is both sassy and alluring, and her insane vocal ability, makes her a genuine leading lady of rock. Halestorm has played a song that they haven’t played live since 2009; Off their 2005 release of One And Done was “Takes My Life,” which was a pleasant surprise to the crowd and showing their dedication to the band knew every word and screamed it at the top of their lungs. All of Halestorm’s songs are radio anthems that top the rock charts, and even if you weren’t a Halestorm fan which is hard to believe, you would be singing along to their songs if you heard them. Arejay Hale treated us to one of the finest drum solo I have ever seen which featured everything from drumming while jumping to drumming with drumsticks the size of his arms. The captivating drum solo even had crowd interaction with chants, and call and repeats. 

Halestorm’s members all have something unique they bring to the stage that captivates the crowd and grasps their attention throughout the entire set. Lzzy Hale’s vocals have truly become iconic over the past several years and the band’s newest album Into The Wild Life will certainly cement Halestorm a place in rock history. Credit must also be given to the Lzzy Hale’s talented bandmates as well because flawlessly stunning vocals would be nothing without a master conducting drumbeats, flawless bass tracks, and beyond perfect guitar riffs. Arejay Hale had an unimaginable amount of energy and his insane amount of forcefulness in every song as he jumped all around his drumkit. I would also say something else about Halestorm they don’t cut their set short and play an extensive amount of songs during their live shows giving the fans exactly what they want without wasting any time, a rock show full of Halestorm’s extensive discography. Their set was beyond flawless and extraordinary, leaving the fans in complete amazement. I can honestly say that this was their best performance that I have ever seen from Halestorm and I have been seeing them since the beginning.

Halestorm more then grateful for their fans aka FREAKS thanking them several times throughout the night, letting them know they wouldn’t be selling out arenas without them. Halestorm is a band to see live because they kickass, have an incredible frontwoman with flawless vocals, conquered rock radio streams, put on the best live show you will see from any live rock band, and their incredible musicianship and talent on stage shines so brightly at every live show they have! The energy of the band’s electrifying set could only make you want to move and belt out the lyrics to every one of their songs during their live show its mind blowing.  Do not miss ANY of their tours/shows cause you will definitely regret it. Halestorm is Pennsylvania’s finest contribution to rock music and it is incredibly awesome that they haven’t forgotten their roots and home state. We will always love Halestorm in this state and they will always be more then appreciative for their fans especially those in their home state of Pennsylvania! www.HalestormRocks.com for more tour dates and information on Halestorm!

Fan Shot Video of “Takes My Life” in Reading, PA 


1. Sick Individual 

2. Love Bites (So Do I)

3. Apocalyptic

4. Scream

5. I Am The Fire

6. It’s Not You

7. Mz. Hyde

8. Rock Show

9. Takes My Life (First Time Playing since 2009

10. I Like It Heavy

11. She Won’t Mind

12. Amen

13. Dear Daughter (Lzzy on Piano)

14. Familiar Taste Of Poison

*AreJay Hale’s Drum Solo

15. Mayhem

16. I Get Off

17. Freak Like Me

*Sings Happy Birthday to AreJay Hale

18. Here’s To Us

19. I Miss The Misery

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