Guy Grogan Releases “Same Morning Light”

Guy Grogan is an indie/alternative singer and songwriter from Santa Fe, NM who has returned with a NEW full-length album, Same Morning Light. Unlike his past 12 releases, this record is a more intimate set of songs. Like a lot of tracks on the album, his latest single, “Same Morning Light,” has a folky/rock vibe, due to his edgy vocal style, similar to Matthew James Bellamy of the band Muse.

With the track “Same Morning Light,” Guy Grogan explores deep feelings of the heart. With lyrics like, “At times things go wrong, to scars you’ll belong,” “You keep all you’ve lost and carry the cost,” and “When you’ve lost the will to make, love’s only always awake,” he’s telling us a story of what happens when you keep inside negative feelings of the past. He ends the song with, “Another morning, the same old light,” which makes us feel like he’s expressing how self love can be the answer.

Rather than waking up thinking of the past, a new mindset can prevent the same old light a brand new morning.


“This was a special record for me,” says Guy Grogan. “I mean, they all are, but with this one I really felt like I went deep into the writing and was able to achieve some distance between simply drawing from personal experiences to a broader imagining of someone else’s experiences or feelings and writing from their point of view…less autobiographical, but no less intimate.”

Listen to the track, “Same Morning Light,” below:

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