Greg Hoy & The Boys Release Music Video for “Green”


Greg Hoy & The Boys is a pop/rock trio consisting of Greg Hoy, Vicky, and Dave. Greg is one of those people who do it all when it comes to being creative. He’s a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, designer, and indie label owner who has put out dozens of records. “Green” is his new single to add to the many pieces of work that he has already done. But instead of going solo, he released this track with the band that goes by the name Greg Hoy & The Boys.

“Green” has a perfect oldies pop/rock sound, similar to a modern version of The Beatles. This song in particular even reminded us a bit of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World.” So if you love either of those bands, Greg Hoy & The Boys’ music might be your thing.

With a girl in green dancing joyfully throughout the msuic video for “Green,” it’s clear that the song is about a girl, who of course wears green. With lyrics like, “She wore a secret smile / The men would come for smiles / In hopes to celebrate, what she put on display,” and “Green was the color of her love,” we get a feel for who this girl is. She’s the type of girl who looks like she’s loving life and gets a decent amount of attention based on her looks. As the song continues, the band sings, “Her strength kept him at bay, until it was too late.” This makes it seems like she’s tough, but easily trusts people due to her cheerful attitude.

We love how the band used the color green to describe the whole mood of a person.

Green is a bold and vibrant color, just like this girl’s personality.

Watch the music video for “Green” below:

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