Gone From My Sight Release “Voices on a Plane”

Gone From My Sight (Quinn Raymond and Keith Watts) is a musical duo who aren’t afraid to be bold when it comes to their music. Their songs are best described as dark ambient electronic rock, heartbreakingly beautiful a times, but also strange and welcoming. But what inspired this kind of music? Well, they achieve their unique style of music by leaning on many of their music influences, such as Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, and LCD Soundsystem.

We’re surprised Muse wasn’t listed as one of their influences, because that’s who we thought they sounded like the most!

On their newest album, Twenty Twenty, Quinn and Keith we hear a lot of music that is underpinned by anxiety, dissociation, and love in resignation. “Basically, it’s lo-fi indie synth rock with hand claps and an 808, and a very sad, paranoid voice wondering why we’re all here, where we’re going after, and if it even matters,” the band says.

With lyrics like, “The stairs fill with smoke / You can taste the way the flames burn high,” “Voices on a plane / You hear them loud / But they don’t make sense / Staring into space,” and “And I feel your eyes / Those baby blues / Telling lies / That all come true,” we can’t really put an idea to what exactly the track “Voices on a Plane” is about. They seem like a bunch of different ideas, all in one song.

After failing for years as producers and studio musicians for other artists, Quinn and Keith decided to move onto something else, which is how their debut album Twenty Twenty came about. Overall, you’ll find yourself either dancing or crying to Gone From My Sight’s music. They just want you to feel something, even if it means something different to someone else who is listening to the same song.

Twenty Twenty is available for pre-order on Deluxe Limited Edition Vinyl on Bandcamp. It is due for digital release on October 16, 2020.

Listen to “Voices on a Plane”: https://gonefrommysight.bandcamp.com/album/twenty-twenty-2

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