Glamour Of The Kill – Savages (Album Review)

Glamour Of The Kill Savages Album Review GOTK review-Savages is the second studio release from post-hardcore outlet Glamour of the Kill from Yorkshire, UK through eOne Entertainment Music. The  album was released September 23, 2013. Leading up to the album’s release the first single “Break” debuted on July 16th. On September 3rd the music video for second chances premiered on

The album opens with the intense, in your face first track and single break and takes you through a journey of badassery and ass kicking before wrapping up with the bone chilling end track “Welcome to Hell” which consists of an intro guaranteed to make you want to grab a Bible and Holy Water (and the salt). That then goes straight into guitar riffs that could be called a blast from the past as they sound identical to something you would hear from Iron Maiden, which is one of GOTK’s biggest influences!

It was hard to pick just a handful of tracks that really stood out. The first one that really grabbed my attention was “Break”. It’s incredibly in your face and is the perfect way to start off an album. “Live for the Weekend” came in at a close second. We’ve all had those days, weekends, weeks…whatever I’m not judging. It’s a great party song, you know if the usual crowd that held house parties listened to this kind of music. And finally “Tears of the Sun”. It combines acoustic with their hardcore style in a wonderful and balanced way.

Rating: 4/5- I wasn’t expecting to like this album as much as I do. Their sound is amazing, to me it’s almost a combination of Bullet for my Valentine and Iron Maiden, two bands that I grew up listening to and loving (and still do). The album was catchy in its own special way, not in a way a pop song is catchy, it’s hard to explain but I like it. Be sure to pick up Savages on iTunes if you haven’t already!

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