EVA is a rapidly on the rise pop artist, who is currently topping the Billboard charts in the UK. Eva took a moment to sit down with us and chat a bit about how her career in music began, how it rapidly progressed and what it’s taken for her to make something of her career and make her dreams come to life. Her highly anticipated upcoming music video “Bad For Us,” is set to premiere in the next few weeks, with the song having over a million plays on Soundcloud it is guaranteed to be a success. Eva is from Lincoln, Nebraska, and a now a new resident of Northern California where she moved with her family at a young age. She has several very notable collaborations including those with: Nas, Tyga, Gucci Mane, Nick Cannon, and Nigel Barker. Learn more about Eva in our exclusive interview below.

What got you involved in music?
I always loved being on a stage and performing when I was little. Whether it was acting or singing or dancing, I guess I liked the attention as a kid. I’d rip up little tickets and make my family pay to watch my shows! So, I guess I’m also naturally business minded haha. But when I saw the Spice Girls live, which was my first big concert, I was mesmerized and knew that’s what I wanted to do! I was obsessed with the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera from a young age. That easily made my future plans very clear. My dreams haven’t wavered since.

How did you get your start? 
I started coming to LA a lot to record in a bunch of new studios and with new people. Just exposing myself and networking in that way I got the opportunity for people to hear about me and my music.

What do you consider your breaking point?
My producer Alex is great but he’s a perfectionist and makes me do 1000 takes of everything! I’ve gotten fairly used to it so I’d say my breaking point is around 1001.

If you had to pick one thing to remove or change in music today, what would it be and why
There’s not much that I’d change about music itself. I love that there’s so many different kinds of music and isn’t that the point? For people to have the freedom to express themselves however they feel because music is healing and fun and emotional and whatever else to different people. The only thing to change that comes to mind is the importance placed on social media and online numbers these days. It takes a ton of extra time and effort and although it is great for more exposure, it can take away from time spent on the music itself.

Who was your first teacher within the music industry?
I’ll take this opportunity to talk about my voice coach who’s awesome! Dot Todman, out of Los Angeles. Her program is called CORE Vocal Power and she’s all about vocal empowerment. I see her once a week and she’s been really helpful. She pushes me outside of my comfort zones to grow as a singer, performer, and as an all-around more confident person in my abilities. We all have insecurities and performing in front of others can feel very vulnerable, but it’s important to learn how to align your mind and body so your voice can still come through without being affected by other emotions. Thanks Dot!

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
I’m usually pretty good about only making subtle mistakes and moving on as usual hoping no one noticed anything. I’ve been told that the artist, especially a solo one, doesn’t make mistakes cause it’s their show, they’re in control and can ultimately do what they want! So, I try to follow that guideline. But I also rehearse my butt off because I want to avoid any possible mistakes. One time performing at the White Party in Palm Springs, the sound completely went out mid-show. My mic was still on so I looked around and shrugged my shoulders and said “well, shit happens” and went on pulling some hot gay men on stage and talking with them a bit until the sound was fixed. It was nerve racking but ended up being fun!


What makes your music special to you?  What makes your brand unique in your eyes?
I think my music is special to me probably in the way most artists’ music is special to them. You put in a lot of time, hard work, heart and soul into your music and grow some kind of emotional attachment. I’ve always loved pop music and now it’s what I do, so it feels good and it feels right. I like having fun upbeat music that makes people feel good and wanna dance. Something to add some joy into people’s lives, we all deal with our own crap and music is a small thing that can help! I think as a brand I represent a pop artist who is very much a real person. I’m not a super diva type, I’m pretty laid back and relatable as a person. On stage I know how to turn on my diva mode, I get glammed up and love sparkles everywhere! But off stage I’m a little more low-key and I feel pretty normal.

What do you love most about the music video for “Bad For Us that you’re about to release?
The music video was a lot of fun to shoot!, We rented a cool loft in a high-rise building in downtown LA. I got to do my own wardrobe which was really cool. I really like the remix by Instant Karma and I think the video turned out great! Richard from Analigital™ shot and directed it, he’s the best!

Who contributes most to your success?
My dad as he’s always been heavily involved within my career. He’s always believed in me 100% from day one and always has my back.

Who has come in the way of your success?
People with negative attitudes, People who promise things they can’t actually deliver as they are just looking out for themselves and will easily take advantage of you are things that have come in the way of my success.

What’s your bit of advice to twenty-one-year-old who just moved from Philly to LA to make something of herself?
You gotta have thick skin and be willing to go through tons of ups and downs. It’s a really tough and competitive industry but as long as you’re strong enough to stick to what you believe in and not give up, you’ll find success little by little.

What do you love?
I love chocolate, burgers and fries, Sleeping, My family and friends, Hiking, The beach, Movies, Happy hour, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Shameless, Big Brother, Nail art, Fast cars, Traveling to new places, Shopping, Shoes, bags, sunglasses, makeup, Recording new music and performing.

What do you hate?
I hate selfish people, traffic, not enough sleep, breaking a nail, drunk drivers, spiders, doing dishes, people who don’t say thank you when you hold a door open for them, crowded parking garages, anxiety, and FOMO (I have serious fomo).

What’s your favorite social media platform and how has it helped shape or inhibit your path to a career?
Instagram is my favorite. It has definitely helped me grow my fan base and is the platform that has grown the most over the years. It’s hard to keep up with everything though between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories now…. there’s just so much! It can get overwhelming for someone like me who doesn’t like to constantly be busy on my cell phone.

If you had to pick a completely different genre of music to be making, what would it be?
I would choose classic rock’n roll like ACDC and Queen are some of my childhood favorites. I’m totally a rock’n roll chick, Like Electric guitars, drums, black clothes and eyeliner, big messy hair, jumping and dancing around and I think rock musicians are just irresistible! [laughs]

What’s your favorite café?
Los Gatos Cafe, Which is a local cafe in my hometown of Los Gatos. Everyone loves that place, it’s so yummy and they’re very quick! It’s one of those places with the same wait staff who has worked there for many years.

What kinda coffee do you drink?
I really enjoy a vanilla latte with almond milk, however I am not a big coffee person. I love diet coke though!

What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
Do steakhouses count?? I love steak! Filet Mignon especially is yummmmy. I always get the wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and a filet done medium well with Béarnaise sauce. Also love Mexican food and sushi. There’s not much food I don’t enjoy haha. [laughs]

What are your top ten favorite cities that you want to perform in?
I’ve been lucky enough to travel and tour around many cities over the years, so here’s a list of cities I love: Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Philly, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Memphis, Nashville.

What are your favorite music venues that you’d like to play at?
Shoreline Amphitheater in NorCal cause it’s close to where I’m from. Staples Center In LA, The Hollywood Bowl and at Music festivals like Coachella.

Which musicians do you want to work with right now?
I’m pretty open but I’d love to work work with Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Drake, Logic. I always wanted to do an awesome party anthem song with Lil Jon too!

What other professionals have influenced your career?
I think my biggest influences were the artists that I grew up with that made me want to perform like Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync. I also love Lady Gaga and Beyonce… amazingly talented entertainers.

Who’s your favorite MMA fighter? Dancer? Broadway Show? Filmmaker? Charity? 
My Fav MMA fighter would be Ronda Rousey, I was always obsessed with her but she’s pretty much done fighting now sadly. I also like Conor McGregor a lot too. I LOVE broadway shows! I’m finally seeing Hamilton next month. Some other favs are Wicked, Spring Awakening, Book of Mormon, and Kinky Boots. I don’t read many books but I enjoy autobiography’s. I am currently reading Bryan Cranston’s book. A Charity that I like would be Monday Night Mission which hekps feed the homeless in downtown LA skid row. Also, Charities that volunteer at dog shelters to help walk dogs. I don’t really have a favorite dancer, but I love the show So You Think You Can Dance. I worked with Shane Sparks who did my show choreography for a while a few years ago, he’s great!

If you could start any charity in the world, what would you start? 
I would start something to help save dogs or one that provides the homeless with food and other necessities. I like the idea of charity concert events too.

What fashion designer or model inspires you?
I love Versace, YSL, Guiseppe Zanotti, and Burberry. I really like Ashley Graham, because I love body positive, strong women.

Who are your favorite public figures?
I love Ellen Degeneres! Some others I enjoy are Nicole Arbour, Jeffree Star, Erika Jane, Fuck Jerry, The Fat Jewish, Dr Pimple Popper. [laughs]

What are your plans for the future?
Well, I love performing and in the future I see myself crushing a headlining my own world tour at huge venues! That’s my ultimate goal.

Any shoutouts you wanna give?
My family! Mom, Dad, Mandy, Sadie, Bella, Abrahm, Meghan! And my amazing closest friends who always support and blast my music. Check me out online!


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